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Kuidas teha reisifotoraamatut?

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There will always be many good memories. On the way to travel, I will take you on a journey, embark on the road of travel with the person you love, and enjoy the scenery along the way with your loved one in a foreign country. After the trip, we will make the travel photos into a travel photo album, through the travel photo album, to commemorate the beauty in the travel process, not only the sweet time, but also the beautiful exotic scenery, which are all the beautiful memory fragments in life, everything makes all travel The process of albums, everything is in our personal travel albums, personal travel albums linked by a series of photos and paragraph text.

reisimine fotoraamatute printimine, most importantly:

1. Get to know paper travel photo albums

Paper photo albums have many advantages, which can make people feel like flipping through photo albums, and can truly feel the memories of the past. Paper albums have a large amount of content and information. After we save the electronic design source files of the albums, we can update the content later and add the latest commemorative album design content.

2. Collect photos of travelers

During the journey, we can fully appreciate the beauty of nature, follow our own travel route, find the place we yearn for, find the way of life we yearn for, experience a different life, encounter different scenery.

3. Carry out the design of tourism albums

In the production process of each commemorative book, it starts from the design work of the commemorative book. The design work fully analyzes the needs and materials of the album design. Only in this way can the design of the travel photo album be complete. Combined with the work review standards under the album design process, the production results of each work link can be checked to provide reliable production materials for the next step.

RaamatutrükkHiina on Hiina trükiettevõte with 20 years of printing experience, focusing on preserving your fond memories. We are one of the best printerid Hiinas, have our professional designer team, one-to-one tailor-made, exquisite design and exquisite craftsmanship, giving each travel album a unique meaning and making memories within reach.