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Kuidas tuvastada värvimoonutusi raamatutrükkimisel

Aeg: 2021-05-21 Hits: 16

 After understanding the main factors of color distortion, how to find the color distortion in the actual production process is the key. Below is the tips from a professional raamatutrükk Hiina ettevõte:


1. First impression baseline method


The human eye has a certain adaptability to color. For images with slight color distortion, repeated observation weakens the ability to recognize them.


Therefore, in judging whether there is color distortion in raamatute trükkimine, using the first impression to eliminate the limitations of human color vision is an important method to find color distortion.


2, neutral color reference method


There are a lot of neutral colour in the life, wait like black, white, grey, they are the zero point of the colour in profusion world, we can serve as the base point that distinguishes colour distortion.



3. Skin color reference method


The color of the skin is the most familiar color, every figure image, especially to the portrait of the main picture, can be based on the color of the skin as the basis to identify color distortion.


Yellow skin, white skin or black skin, the skin color has a rule, that is all blood color.That is, there is red in yellow, red in white or red in black. If the skin color of the characters in the image is yellow, it will give people a sick feeling.


Under normal circumstances, even if the color of the person's skin in the image is really yellow, the color correction should be adjusted to blood color, that is, yellow with red in raamatute trükkimine.