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Kleebiste trükkimise kvaliteedinõuete 5 elementi

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Due to the increasing market demand forkleebised in recent years, there has been fierce competition vahel printerid Hiinas. Among them, there are many price wars. Regardless of the price, the printing quality requirements of Hiina kleebiste trükkimine are still the same. It needs to be met. kleebis is a kind of printed matter used to mark product-related information. This kind of printed product does not seem to be inconspicuous, but it has become a more and more demanded product in the printing market.Hiina trükiettevõte is also vigorously developing business orders for kleebis printing products. Product kleebised have many uses, different varieties, and different printing methods. According to the letterpress printing process and equipment, the quality of the printed matter should meet the relevant printing production requirements.

1. Size requirements.The allowable error of the size of the fine product is 0.5mm, and the general product is 1.0mm.

2. The width uniformity of product label printing requires that the width uniformity of fine products should be greater than 15/16, and that of general products should be greater than 14/16.

3. The pressure and ink color of the printing web are uniform. Text imprints, fine products are clear and complete, and general products have no obvious missing strokes.

4. In the set printing layout, the positive and negative overprinting of each layout is accurate, the overprinting error of fine products is less than 1.5mm, and the general products are less than 2.5mm.

5. Products with fine appearance, neat product labels, no paste, nail shadow, dirty marks, no missing pen and scratches. Generally, the printed pages of the product are clean and tidy, with no obvious paste, nail marks, dirty marks, and no obvious missing pens or scratches.