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Coloring Book Printing

coloring book printingHigh Quality Coloring Book Printing


Are you looking for high-quality coloring book printing services? Look no further than BookPrintingChina. We are a leading printing company that specializes in custom coloring book printing for both children and adults. With our state-of-the-art printing technology and a wide range of paper stock options, we can bring your creative designs to life.


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Paper Stock 

When it comes to printing a coloring book, choosing the right paper stock and weight is crucial. The cover of the coloring book, we often recommend coated paper, which provides a smooth and glossy finish. This not only enhances the visual appeal of the book but also makes it more durable.

The inner pages of the coloring book, we often recommend white offset paper. Offset paper also called uncoated paper or wood-free paper. Offset paper is known for its excellent printability and ability to handle various coloring mediums such as colored pencils, markers, and crayons.

In terms of paper weight, it is important to strike a balance between durability and usability. For the cover, a heavier paper weight such as 250gsm or 300gsm is recommended to ensure it can withstand frequent handling. For the inner pages, a lighter paper weight between 80gsm to 120gsm is ideal, as it allows for easy coloring and flipping of pages. BookPrintingChina offers a wide range of paper stock options and weights to suit your specific coloring book printing needs.

paper for sound book printing

Hardcover paper

  • 157gsm/58 lb coated cover paper wrapped on 2mm gray board
  • 157gsm/58 lb coated cover paper wrapped on 2.5mm gray board
  • 157gsm/58 lb coated cover paper wrapped on 3mm gray board


Soft cover paper Interior paper
  • 250gsm/92 lb coated cover paper
  • 100gsm/68 lb uncoated paper
  • 300gsm/111 lb coated cover paper
  • 300gsm/111 lb coated cover paper
  • 250gsm/92 lb coated one side paper
  • 120gsm/81 lb uncoated paper
  • 300gsm/111 lb coated one side paper
  • 140gsm/95 lb uncoated paper


Popular Sizes

Choosing the right size for your coloring book is essential to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable coloring experience for the users. At BookPrintingChina, we offer various popular sizes for coloring book printing, including:

8.5" x 11": This is a standard size for coloring books, suitable for both children and adults. It provides ample space for intricate designs and allows for easy handling.

6" x 9": This size is ideal for children's coloring books, as it is smaller and easier for little hands to hold. It is also a popular choice for travel-sized coloring books.

11" x 14": If you want to create a large and visually stunning coloring book, this size is perfect. It offers a generous canvas for detailed illustrations and is often preferred by adult coloring enthusiasts.

Remember to consider the target audience and the purpose of your coloring book when choosing the size. BookPrintingChina can help you determine the best size for your coloring book based on your specific requirements. We also accept custom size.


Binding Options

The choice of binding plays a significant role in the overall look and functionality of your coloring book. BookPrintingChina offers a variety of binding options to suit your preferences:

saddle stitchSaddle stitch

Saddle Stitch: This is a cost-effective and popular binding method for coloring books. Pages are folded in half and stapled along the fold line. Saddle stitch binding is suitable for coloring books with a low page count, typically up to 64 pages.


perfect bindingPerfect binding

Perfect binding gives your coloring book a professional and polished finish. Pages are glued or sewn together at the spine, creating a clean and square edge. This binding option is suitable for coloring books with a higher page count, typically starting from 32 pages.


hardcover comic bookHardcover

If you want to create a premium and long-lasting coloring book, hardcover binding is the way to go. Hardcover books have a rigid cover that provides extra protection and durability. This option is perfect for special editions or collector's items.


spiral boundSpiral bound

Spiral binding allows your coloring book to lay flat when opened, making it easier for coloring and creating beautiful spreads. It is a popular choice for coloring books that require frequent flipping of pages.



BookPrintingChina can guide you in selecting the most suitable binding option based on your coloring book's design, page count, and budget.


Artwork Tips

Designing artwork for a coloring book requires careful consideration to ensure optimal printing results. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Use high-resolution images: To achieve crisp and vibrant coloring book pages, use high-resolution images (at least 300 dpi). This ensures that the details of the illustrations are captured accurately.

Provide clear outlines: The outlines of the illustrations should be clear and distinct to guide coloring enthusiasts. Avoid using thin lines or intricate details that may be difficult to color.

Leave ample white space: Incorporate enough white space in your designs to allow for coloring without overlapping or smudging. This will enhance the overall coloring experience and enable creativity.

Bleed and margins: Add a bleed area(3mm/0.125inches) to your design, extending any background or images that touch the edge of the page. This prevents any white borders or cut-off elements. Additionally, define appropriate margins to ensure that important content is not too close to the edges.

File formatting: Make sure your file is in the appropriate format, such as PDF, and that all fonts are embedded. This ensures that your workbook will be printed exactly as intended, without any missing or substituted fonts.

BookPrintingChina is your go-to partner for custom high-quality coloring book printing. From choosing the right paper stock to selecting the perfect binding option, our team of experts is here to help you bring your coloring book vision to life. With our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, we ensure that every coloring book we print is a masterpiece. So why wait? Contact BookPrintingChina today and let us transform your coloring book ideas into reality!

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