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Business Card Printing

custom business card printingCustom Business Card Printing


In today's digital age, where networking and connections are vital for success, business cards remain an essential tool for professionals. A well-designed business card can leave a lasting impression, making it crucial to choose the right printing service. At BookPrintingChina, we specialize in custom business card printing, offering a wide range of materials, sizes, finishes, and printing options to meet your unique needs.


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There are three main types of business card printing, the simplest is laser printing, followed by offset printing, and screen printing is the most complicated. Laser printing and offset printing are widely used, while screen printing is relatively rare.

1. Laser printing:

For the most widely used printing method. Offset printing and silk screen are also inseparable from laser printing, and their simple plate making is also done by laser printing. The laser printing can be divided into two categories: black and color, which can be used to make computer business cards of different grades.

2. Offset printing:

It is the traditional way of printing business cards. Its use is much more complicated than that of computer business cards. First, the designed business card template should be printed on the transfer paper, or printed as a printing film (color picture with network lines), and then the transfer paper or film should be printed with a printing machine. The template of the business card is printed on the special PS printing plate for business cards, and the PS version can be printed on the business card offset printing machine.

3. Screen printing:

Because it is not suitable for printing on paper, it is rarely used in business card printing. Screen printing is the same as offset printing. It is also necessary to print the designed business card template on the transfer paper, or print it as a printing film, and then use a special screen printing machine to print the business card template on the transfer paper or film. To the screen printing plate, and then install the screen plate on the screen printing machine to print.

We provide a wide variety size and style of business card printing service with competitive price and premium quality. Such as offset business card printing, foil business card printing, fold over business card printing, digital business card printing, and so on.


Material Options

When it comes to business card printing, the choice of material is crucial for both the look and feel of the final product.

c2s paper c1s paper pvc
C2S paper C1S paper PVC


At BookPrintingChina, we offer a variety of materials to suit your preferences. Two popular options are glossy art paper and matte art paper. Glossy art paper is known for its vibrant colors and shiny finish. It gives your business cards a professional and polished look, making them stand out from the crowd. On the other hand, matte art paper offers a more sophisticated and elegant appearance. Its non-reflective surface minimizes glare, allowing the focus to remain on the design and information.

In addition to glossy and matte art paper, we also provide C1S paper and special paper options for more unique and customized business cards. C1S paper, which stands for Coated One Side, has a coated surface on one side, offering a smooth and glossy finish on the front while being uncoated on the back. Special paper includes textured, metallic, and recycled options, allowing you to add a touch of luxury or environmental consciousness to your business cards.


Business Card Sizes

Choosing the right size for your business cards is essential to ensure they fit seamlessly into wallets and cardholders. The standard size for business cards is 3.5 inches by 2 inches, which is widely recognized and accepted. This size provides enough space to include all the necessary information while remaining compact and convenient.

However, if you want to make a bolder statement or have more room for creative design, you can opt for custom sizes. At BookPrintingChina, we offer a range of custom size options to suit your specific requirements. Whether you prefer a larger card to showcase eye-catching visuals or a smaller card for a minimalist and sleek look, we can accommodate your needs.


Finish Options

To add that extra touch of elegance and sophistication to your business cards, you can choose from a range of finishes. At BookPrintingChina, we offer various finishing options to enhance the visual appeal and durability of your cards.

Glossy/matte lamination foil stamping glitter edge laser foil stamping
Glossy/Matte lamination Foil stamping Glitter edge Laser foil stamping
emboss deboss spot uv die cut
Emboss Deboss Spot UV Die cut


Lamination is a popular choice for business cards as it adds a protective layer and enhances the colors and details of the design. It also provides a smooth and luxurious feel to the cards.

Foil stamping involves adding metallic foil accents to specific areas of the design, creating a stunning visual effect that catches the eye.

Embossing and debossing create raised or recessed impressions on the card, adding texture and depth.

Varnish is a clear coating applied to the cards to give them a glossy or matte finish while protecting the surface from scratches and smudges.

Whatever finish you choose, our skilled team at BookPrintingChina will ensure that it is executed flawlessly, resulting in business cards that exude professionalism and quality.


Artwork Tips

To ensure the best possible outcome for your business cards, it is essential to set up the pre-press file correctly. Following these guidelines will help avoid any printing errors and ensure that your design is accurately translated onto the final product.

Resolution and bleed: Set your design file to a minimum resolution of 300 dpi to ensure high-quality printing. Include a bleed area of 0.125 inches on all sides to prevent any white edges when the cards are trimmed.

Color mode: Convert your design to CMYK color mode to ensure accurate color reproduction during printing. Avoid using RGB colors, as they may appear differently when printed.

Fonts and text: Embed all fonts used in your design to avoid any compatibility issues. Ensure that your text is legible and has sufficient spacing, keeping in mind that business cards are typically small in size.

Safe area: Keep all important elements, such as text and logos, within the safe area. This ensures that they won't be cut off during the trimming process.

File format: Save your design file in a high-quality, print-ready format, such as PDF. This ensures that all the necessary elements are preserved and can be easily accessed by the printing team.

card template

When it comes to custom business card printing, BookPrintingChina is the ideal partner. With our wide range of materials, sizes, finishes, and printing options, we can bring your vision to life. Whether you prefer glossy or matte art paper, standard or custom sizes, lamination or foil stamping, our team of experts will ensure that your business cards make a lasting impression.

Choose BookPrintingChina for all your custom business card printing needs and make a statement with your professional networking tools. Contact us today to get started!

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