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Savršeno ukoričeno štampanje knjiga

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Savršeno ukoričeno štampanje knjiga

What's perfect bound book?

Perfect bound books are books bound with white latex or yellow glue. The advantages of perfect binding are fast printing and low cost. The binding method often with glue binding, sewing perfect binding.

What is perfect binding in printing? Perfect binding is to put glue on the book position, which is the most common binding method.

Because of our low prices and high quality, perfect bound book printing service is very popular with self-publishers. We widely used perfect bound book printing in zine printing , bulk catalogue printing, story book printing, štampanje grafičkih romana , Itd

How to make a perfect bound book? Please contact sales@bookprintingchina.com , our experts will give you the best suggestion and guide you how to make your perfect bound book step by step.