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Children’s Book Printing Plant-BPC(Bookprintingchina.com)

Vrijeme: 2018-08-22 Pogodi: 301

Children’s Book Printing Plant-BPC(Bookprintingchina.com)

When you share this picture book with your children, hoćete li se sjetiti napora koje je BPC's Factory za vašu toplinu u ovom trenutku?

Nowadays, with the development of early education in the world, children's books printing are more and more popular. Mnogi roditelji i djeca rado će dobiti dobru knjigu sa slikama. BPC Printing je posvećen stvaranju dobrog iskustva čitanja za djecu. Biramo zdravo i ekološki ulje za štampu&papira kako bi bili sigurni da postoje sigurno pročitani za djecu. 


How was the children book born in BPC Printing Factory?

Kao prvo, pre-press design typesetting. In BPC Printing,Printing Works, we are good at giving designers appropriate color suggestions for printing, in order to integrate the concept of designers, solve the problems encountered in the previous printing process ahead of time and avoid detours. Make the first phase of efforts for the due date.


Then is the cooperation of printing technology, svaka stranica probno štampanje, in the process of adjusting the machine trial printing, designers can directly go to the printing site to exchange printing requirements and actual results, according to the actual effect of adjusting the printing color matching scheme to get the best printing color effect customers want.


Konačno, the post-press binding process, not only at the starting point of printing, we have a perfect sample retention mechanism, we also set up sample areas in each post-press process, in order to ensure that the bulk of the goods come out at the same time get the most exquisite sample books to the hands of customers.

For more information about BPC Book Printer, Molim vas obratite pažnju na www.bookprintingchina.com, or make an appointment directly to see the factory by sales@bookprintingchina.com.