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3 Tips on How to Choose a Suitable Printing Factory

Vrijeme: 2021-04-15 Pogodi: 32


The printing quality directly affects the overall presentation of books printing, now how to choose a suitable printing company to print a High-quality book?



Sa došasom ere mobilnih telefona, people pay less and less attention to reading the printing books, and the scene of learning with a paper book is now drifting away. The rise of electronic publications has impacted traditional paper books. Sada sve više elektronskih publikacija obogaćuje ljude'živote, and there are all kinds of electronic readers, which further compete for the market of paper books. Uprkos brzom razvoju elektronskih publikacija, a cup of tea, a book, this state, još uvijek prežeta srca mnogih ljudi. Stoga, štampanje knjiga će definitivno naći bolje tržište, as long as they can capture the hearts of readers and use them reasonably. Under such a big background, the quality of book printing is even more important, and its quality will directly affect the overall presentation effect. When printing books, potrebno je istaći njihove karakteristike i prednosti kako bi se čitatelji probudili kako bi u potpunosti cijenili zadovoljstvo čitanja papirnih knjiga. 

So how do you choose an affordable and reputable company to print your books?


Ima ih mnogo. book printing companies in china, slijede tri važna faktora kako odabrati najpoesniji za sebe, they are should be considered first before printing:

1. Printing plant equipment

Good equipment is an essential element for book printing. Uglavnom, medium and large printing plants mainly choose imported Heidelberg series printing presses, which have high printing accuracy and stable quality. The printing cycle is ten long, can the printing quality be guaranteed?


2. Printing technology

In printing technology, the key point to ensure the consistency of printed matter and design draft is the color management in prepress technology. Uglavnom, modern ICC color management technology is used. This system can use color profile (ICCprofile) as the basis of color conversion. As long as any input or output device supports this format, accurate color conversion can be performed between each other. In a systematic way, image creation or color capture to the final image output to perform color conversion. In the process of conversion and transfer, the color management technology can maintain the fidelity of colors to a great extent, so as to achieve a high degree of consistency between the design draft and the printed draft.


3. Vocational skill

In addition to excellent printing equipment, odlična tehnologija štampanja, iskusni i vješti tehnički radnici također su vrlo važan dio. Samo kroz dugoročno akumuliranje iskustva možete biti vješti u pre-press, in-press and post-press processes and processes, which is also the entire printing process An indispensable part.



If you want to have a certain quality assurance for book printing, you must pay attention to the choice of printed materials. Someone who as professional book printers in china, he must choose reliable quality printing paper to print. In addition, special attention must be paid to the choice of ink. Can not choose inferior printing materials in order to reduce costs. If so, the quality of printed products will be difficult to guarantee. Osim toga, book printing also needs to do post-production and binding. It should be said that post-production and binding also have a great influence on the quality of printed books. This requires printing production operators to be serious and responsible when binding in the later stage, not to contaminate the printed products during the production process, and look flat and clean in appearance, without any product quality problems such as missing pages, only this kind of printing and products can be liked by customers and consumers.


Kontaktirajte nas to learn more about the precautions of usluga štampanja knjiga kina, we will answer you in details.