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Why use perfect binding for book printing?

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The way a publication is bound will affect its appearance, durability and affordability. Choosing the right binding technology will help you create stylish, durable and cost-effective works.

What is perfect binding?

Perfect binding is a process commonly used by book printers in china, in which groups of pages are bound together using adhesives to create clean, clear and professional printed products. Perfect binding involves sorting out all pages or signatures of the book, roughening and flattening the edges of the spine area, and then applying a flexible adhesive and attaching the paper cover to the spine. Paperback novels are an example of perfect binding. Booklets, phone books and some magazines also use perfect binding methods. Compared with other binding methods, perfect binding is durable and low cost.


The benefits of perfect binding

You can create a flat spine that can be printed. In addition, the most important thing for many people is that it is very affordable. Perfectly bound books are not only more cost-effective than hard-bound methods, but also can be used in relatively small print volumes, allowing customers to produce high-quality printed products within their budget. Perfect binding is a very versatile binding method. Production is suitable for various publications.

Features of perfect binding

A perfectly bound book has a flat spine. If the book is thick enough, the cover can be printed on the spine with the name of the publication. Many book printers in china provide perfect constraints to their customers.

When preparing digital files for perfectly bound publications, you don't need to worry about the creep that occurs when adjusting the book for saddle stitching. Because the pages are stacked instead of nested, there is no creep when they are perfectly bound.

If you want to know more about perfect binding or other binding options, please visit our website or contact us directly. We will try our best to meet all your needs and print products that satisfy you.

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