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Why Special Printing Process Is Essential In Book Printing

Time: 2022-12-23 Hits: 109

book printing process

At present, for the books with both practicality and collection value. The use of special printing process has become inevitable.

Although paper books may not disappear as fast as many people predicted. But it will definitely squeeze out a large share of the book market. How to keep their respective positions in this small share depends on the level of book production. Besides, to being readable, books in the future are more likely to become a collection, a luxury. In the future, there is another possibility that reading paper books has become a fashion and the choice of trendy people. Reading paper books may become an alternative way of entertainment. And exist in our lives with an alternative attitude.

With the continuous development of paper making technology and printing technology. We have seen books of various types and process. The combination of the use of special materials and special printing process has given modern books a new look. But, historical products, such as papyrus, silk, and cloth have returned to the book. And become good materials in special printing techniques.

How to stand out among the many similar books published at the same time? Besides, to the difference in content, I am afraid that we have to fight for design. If the design is comparable, we must work hard on printing process and details. And we have reason to believe that. Most consumers will select a product that can meet both practicality and visual beauty and tactile experience.

Such as children's book printing. We can use soft material to design and print. For example, cotton,Nonwoven, soft foam material. And then with fine printing, soft and light, practical and safe. The edge of paper children's book with round corner process, also reduce the possibility of children hurt by book corner.

There are also many pop up books that have appeared in recent years. The effect is amazing, the design content is quite high. And the engineering volume of making books is huge. It is said that a pop up book with only a few pages needs a skilled worker to make for three days. The price is on the high side. Although most of the content is suitable for children to read. It is also favored by many adults, and their purpose is to appreciate and collect.

We also can use some special materials and process for some collection-worthy book designs. Such as, to highlight luxury. We can use velvet cloth, combine with gold foil, sliver foil or diamond, etc process, to highlight the effect of luxury. If only want to local with velvet effect, we can achieve it through flocking process.

If you want to be cool, we can choose leather (such as PU) material. Such of binding material with rich and bright color, various textures, soft and wear-resistant. Leather suitable for books with different contents. And then we can through hot stamping, embossing, debossing, silk screen, etc process to decorate the book. Combine with different design, make its effect always extraordinary. 

Besides, The technology of die-cutting, indentation and laser engraving is very mature. Die cutting process, often used in Hand-torn lines, line marks, creases and rough hollow out effects. When the die-cutting process cannot be achieved, laser engraving can be used to the fullest. We can make any small hollow engraving effect anywhere needed, with neat and tidy edges, as delicate as lace. And the cost is not as ridiculously high as imagined.

If your budget is not enough, but need to make the effect, you can consider use UV process. UV ink is healthy and environmentally friendly, because don't use solvent. Almost no pollutants are emitted during the printing and drying process. And the printing performance is stable, which is better than ordinary ink in all aspects. If the design can be done in place, the UV process can achieve twice the result with half the effort. And now this process is not limited to transparent bright UV, but also has special effects. Such as matte UV and wrinkle UV. And has various rich colors, such as gold, silver, and fluorescent. Definitely an affordable option.

Another common special printing process is embossing and debossing. It is also a special printing process that is widely used. And is often seen on the covers of exquisite books and albums. Such as custom leather notebook, photo albums,etc.

Debossing is easier to understand. Only need one plate, and a pre-set pressure from the front of the paper is enough. 

The embossing process is relatively complicated. It requires two templates for concave and convex. The material is also divided into zinc plate, magnesium plate, copper plate, etc. We need to choose the template material according to the printing quantity. According to the complexity, size, depth and angle of the embossed plate. There are large differences in craftsmanship and price. If used properly, we can even simulate a semi-stereo 3D effect. And the difference between bumps and bumps can reach 3 mm. Of course, the more delicate it is, the more it will cost. At the same time, there are also many considerations in choosing the paper that matches this process.

In recent years, various special processes have emerged one after another. Such as brush edge, thermal induction, photosensitive and other processes. Also been applied to book binding design and printing. We can even customize a smell for books, so that readers can sense all aspects from vision to touch to taste. Feel the fun that books bring to them.

A book is not only a book, it is also a work of art, which contains the emotions of the author, designer and readers. We must use the beauty of books keep readers, and let readers keep beautiful books.

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