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Why it calls gold stamping but not use real gold foil

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As early as the 1930s, people did use gold or silver for stamping on the book printing process. Because the chemical properties of gold and silver are stable, and it is not easy to oxidize in the air. Book printers use their good ductility to turn it into an extremely thin metal foil. Coat one side of it with glue and use it for hot stamping in book printing.



But now, the gold foil in the finishing process in Chinese book printing has been replaced by anodized aluminum. Due to the low cost of anodized aluminum in book printing and its good metallic luster, therefore it has developed rapidly and is widely used in book printing, but it is still called "hot stamping".


Aluminum is a silver-white metal. Generally, it can only be imitation silver stamping. If you want to look golden like gold foil, the bookprintingcompany only needs to coat it with a layer of golden dye. In addition, anodized aluminum can have a variety of colors in book printing, because dyes of various colors such as red, green, and blue also can be added.


In nowadays book printing, the use of hot stamping can make the bookcover have multiple colors of metallic patterns at the same time, and it can also combine different hot stamping effects.

As a special printing technology that does not use ink, gold stamping is popular with the public for its unique bookcover decoration effect.

The unique metallic luster and strong visual effects of gold stamping can make the printed book look unique. Many people use gold stamping to make slight changes on the cover in hardcover book printing, and use it properly to show a beautiful and unique feeling. .

However, if it is a large area of gold stamping in the book printing, it is easy to appear tacky under poor design. Large area are not necessarily beautiful, so be careful in design.


Here are some hardcover book printing designs with hot stamping:


The Great Gatsby ByF. Scott Fitzgerald:


Coralie Bickford Smith's redesigned hardcover book version injects new vitality into this masterpiece. The hotstamping in book printing design and simple graphics can also metaphor that in the novel plot, the heroine Daisy Buchanan to run for her money in glamour department .

The Luminaries By Eleanor Catton


The hardcover cover design is more suitable for long text content. The nostalgic and retro book cover design coupled with the hot stamping in the book printing can create a more mysterious feeling.

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