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Why is it necessary to print children books?

Time: 2021-04-14 Hits: 482

Printing children's books are better than e-books for children's development.


According to the British Reuters report, a study in the United States found that parents reading children book printing for their children are more beneficial than e-books, because the former is easier to produce meaningful dialogues between parents and children, and these dialogues or interactions affect children’s communication, emotions and Cognitive development is essential.


Dr. Tiffany Munzer of the Childrens Hospital of the University of Michigan in the United States said, We know that parent-child sharing reading is a very good activity. For electronic products such as tablets, some of the positive effects of activities will be weakened."


There Dr. Munzers team also did an experiment. They recorded 37 parent-child sharing videos in the laboratory. Parents read similar stories in three different forms: traditional printed books, ordinary e-books, and e-books with additional functions such as sound effects or animation. During each reading process, the researcher observes the dialogue, interaction and cooperation between parents and children.



Research found that parents who use printed books to read will talk to their children more about the stories in the book. For example, parents will stop and ask their children if they remember something similar to that in the book, or let the children guess what will happen next. And children will also take the initiative to ask some questions or express their views on the stories in the book. As far as the other two forms are concerned, e-books with sound or animation effects trigger more interactions than ordinary e-books.


Tomopoulos, another co-author of this study, said, "Sharing reading activities using the custom children's book printing can promote the development of children's language and social skills, while the use of electronic products will hinder high-quality parent-child interaction." Using printed children's book reading is a kind of in-depth, structured and systematic reading. People still need to gain knowledge from books to better deepen the parent-child relationship. It can be seen that the printing of children's books is particularly important nowadays.


After of all, as the first books that children come into contact with in life, it is important for parents to choose it correctly. In today's society, the design of children's book is becoming more and more varied, and providing parents with many choices. Now looking for an affordable, reputable company to print your book? Click here to learn more about children book printing.

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