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Why Do So Many People Choose Their Book As A Hardcover Book?

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Hard Cover Binding, also known as Case bound, Hardbound or Hardback Binding, they not only look more beautiful, but also can protect the paper very well, and the paper will not fall off.

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Additionally, the durability offered by the hardcover binding method increases the lifespan of the book. The finished hardcover book is generally thicker and has a richer feel. Because the cover of the hardcover book is strong, it will not be bent as easily as the hardcover book, which protects the inner pages well and makes the hardcover book more durable. The inner pages of the hardcover book are the same as the paperback, and a cloth strip is pasted on the spine for stronger connection and protection.

Top 10 Advantages of Hardcover Binding:

1. It provides a high-quality look and feel, making it the most impressive binding style.

2. The most durable binding method to create permanent value.

3. It can usually be produced on digital printing presses, which can shorten the production cycle and shorten the turnaround time.

4. With digital printing, hardcover books are affordable for everyone on a budget.

5. It can hold very low page count and very high page count.

6. This method forms a flat spine that can be printed on.

7. It allows making books of various widths and heights.

8. It is available in a variety of coverage glosses and colors.

9. Sturdy shape allows books to stack nicely for storage and display.

10. Optional with or without dust jacket.

The common forms of hardcover books are as follows:

According to the form of the spine, there are two types: square spine and round spine.

1) The square spine is thicker than the book block. Due to the folding and sewing of the book block, the height of the spine is higher than the book block, and the more printed sheets, the more obvious. Therefore, hardcover books with square spines should not be too thick, and are generally suitable for spines within 20mm.

2) The circular spine, because the positions of the front and rear signatures are slightly different, the folds of the signatures are slightly semicircular, distributed on a curved surface, and its thickness is balanced. The book block and the opening are adapted to the convex circle of the spine and are concave. Therefore, it is better to use a round spine for thicker books. Books with round spines are rounded and the back spine is arc-shaped. Generally, the thickness of the book block is used as the rotation and the arc is 130 degrees. The round ridge can be divided into two types: round back without ridge and round back with ridge.

Why do people choose their books as hardcovers?Hardcover books not only look upscale, but also feel better to read and use. I think the main reason is that it looks elegant and durable. You can imagine an author who has been working on a book for years and surely wants to print it as a masterpiece and make it a collectible for every reader.


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