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Why coffee table books can play an important role in the digital age?

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With the advent of the digital age, many paper-based books and magazines are gradually transforming to digital. Is there no other way for all printed books to transform? No, in any case, there is at least one type of printed books that cannot be replaced by e-books and readers, and that is those books that accompany you on the coffee table.

Although magazines and book publishing have transformed from printed books to digital publishing, there is a book publishing market segment that is still dominated by book printing, and that is the "coffee table book" market.


Coffee table books are usually big tomes, and they are pictorial books with pictures on specific themes. According to an article in "Marketing Business", this kind of books is growing in the publishing industry. While other publications are going digital, paper coffee table books are regarded as holiday gifts and home decorations.

"A really well-made coffee table book is like a work of art. Through the use of color and color repetition and other details, it can be coordinated with and integrated with the entire room, and it makes the room very different." New York Interior Design Dean Ellen Fisher said in "Marketing Operations."


7 eye-catching coffee table books:

1.Zioxla's cat and plant

As the name suggests, this book features more than 200 collages of cats and plants by artist Stephen Eichhorn.

2.Gio-Graphy: Fun in the Wild Fashion World by Giovanna Battaglia

In addition to providing colorful and inspiring ensemble images, the book also includes dressing techniques for editors and designers in specific situations, how to confidently launch certain styles, and tips to make life better.

3.You are a circle, Guillaume Wolf

The word makers and creators on your list should like this "visual meditation", a book from communication design professor and writer Guillaume Wolf, it is an inspiring and challenging book.

4.Women in the New York Times make history

Co-edited by The New York Times, this book focuses on the major equal rights moments from the Senate March in 1912 to this year's "Ascent of the Times" movement and many important historical periods in between.

5.You can change your mind with small tricks

Los Angeles-based artist Small Spells created this exquisite limited edition inspirational picture book.

6.Unicorn Food: Beautiful recipes based on plants to cultivate your inner magical beast

Technically speaking, this is a cookbook, but that beautiful book by the editor and author Kat Odell should be prominently shown to anyone, let them read it and inspire them to eat healthier and more beautiful meals.

7.Small House Anthology

Home decor enthusiasts will love these eye-catching buildings and interior spaces, articles by fashion writers, interviews, and more from Cabana magazine.


What constitutes a truly outstanding coffee table book is that it is interesting whether viewed from the outside or from the inside-whether that means it is full of stunning images or compelling information. An article about "how to make a coffee table book", it guides you how to make an excellent coffee table book.

In addition, coffee table book printing is the key to keeping physical bookstores alive. It itself is designed for light reading, attracting readers through sophisticated quality and dazzling pictures. Coffee table books have always been part of popular culture. “The physical book silently conveys the tastes and preferences of the owner, allowing others to quickly understand and choose related topics.” said by Josh Baker, the art director of Taschen Publishing.

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