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Why Children's Book Printing Uses the Greenest Paper and Inks

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Nowadays, many parents pay attention to the cultivation of children's reading habits, so they have prepared various cards, picture books, books and other printed materials for their children. However, if you do not pay attention and care about the quality of children's book printing when purchasing these prints for your children, it may cause some prints to have varying degrees of negative impact on your child's health. What are the current trends in children's book printing?

1. The use of environmentally friendly inks has become a trend

Because young children like to chew on objects, publishing houses and printing houses mostly use environmentally friendly materials to print children's books. Environmentally friendly printing has also become a major trend in the development of the entire printing industry. At present, some printing enterprises in my country have passed ISO14001 international environmental management system certification. The core of the system is "cleaner production", which requires the selection of low-toxic or non-toxic, low-polluting or non-polluting materials during the printing process, as well as the creation of a clean and comfortable production environment.

2. Lightweight paper is the first choice for children's books

What paper is used to print beautifully packaged and colorful children's books? The printing of children's books in China mainly uses offset paper, coated paper and lightweight paper. There are also some children's books, whose materials break away from traditional paper products, and "toy books" and "bath books" made of plastic and cloth are also beginning to appear.

3. Packaging design focuses on the first vision

With the improvement of book printing level, children book printing has broken through the traditional printing methods of paperback and hardcover. Many of the techniques originally used for packaging printing and screen printing have been applied to the covers of children's books. Internationally popular large-sized children's books have also become popular, and children's books with CDs and toys are not uncommon.

In custom children's book printing, the printing process also affects the quality of the book and the expression of the designer's creativity. A new foothold for an idea ultimately needs to render the right print. Custom children's book printing requires designers to have a childlike innocence while creating, and pay attention to the application of printing technology in the final design expression process. Improvements in the printing process make the visual experience a perfect one. We are a china printing company with the best service,which can deepen the "five senses" experience of children's book design.

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