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Which software is suitable for photo book printing

Time: 2020-12-11 Hits: 180

First choice PHOTOSHOP

Most of the book designers use PHOTOSHOP. Whether it is the books, magazines, leaflets, etc. we are reading, most of them are the credit of PHOTOSHOP.

Graphic design is a wide application of PHOTOSHOP. Whether the book printing or the posters printing and leaflet seen on the street, these graphic prints with rich images basically require the PHOTOSHOP software to process the images. 

The PHOTOSHOP design software was chosen mainly because of its rich functions, strong professionalism, and relatively simple.

Photoshop has a variety of selection tools, which greatly facilitates the different requirements of users. And multiple selection tools can be combined to select more complex images.

Use Photoshop not only to make exquisite text modeling, but also to perform complex transformations on text.


The second choice CorelDRAWx

Coreldraw is an excellent vector graphic design software, with powerful vector graphic production and processing functions,

Can create from simple patterns to fine art works that require high painting techniques. It has a good picture-text mixing function and a powerful

Import and export functions have strong compatibility. Can carry out film and television advertisements, product modeling, posters, brochures, graphic reports, etc. Make.


Third choice: AI

The file suffixed as AI is a file made by illustrator. It is a vector diagram. Its advantage is that no Masek phenomenon occurs when the image is enlarged, that is, it is not false. It is a software used in advertising, printing and packaging. The pictures in this format that can be used for drawing, design, etc. are vectorial, which means that pictures like freehand and Coredraw can be enlarged at will without distortion

However, since the university’s general films are taught by PHOTOSHOP or CorelDRAWx design software, there are fewer designers who are very skilled in ai, especially some small advertising printing companies. There are fewer talents in this area. Customers need to print albums. Less use of ai software to make, in fact, PHOTOSHOP and CorelDRAWx have already met most of the needs of picture album design.

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