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Which Is Better Printed Books Or E-Books?

Time: 2022-10-17 Hits: 178

ebooks or printed books

Many people still like to read printed books more than e-books. Whether it is literary novels or photography and painting, they always feel that printed books are more comfortable to read and protect their eyes. E-books are more like "materials". However, many time-sensitive articles and magazines, especially weekly newspapers, are indeed read more through mobile platforms. For an author who wants to publish a book at his own expense, this is a question that cannot be ignored.

E-book or paper book printing?

The biggest advantage of E-Books

For authors who came up with their first book, the biggest advantage of ebooks is the "cost." After all, e-books use a 3C tablet as a reading carrier, which saves a lot of book printing costs. In addition, it is more convenient to put e-books on the shelves and modify them. Therefore, in terms of time and modification, It is more convenient and flexible. But what you need to know is that e-books still have their editing and typesetting process time. It is not that the manuscript is handed over to the publishing platform today, and it can be put on the shelves tomorrow. And once the editing and typesetting are determined, it will take extra time and cost to correct, but it is more convenient than the paper version. Don't think of the e-book as a blog article. If you want to change it today, you can change it immediately. It also involves item management and typesetting. The reason why the book is a book is its rigor. Even so, digital reading is not necessarily a better choice. In terms of comprehension, memory, cognition, sleep, health, and other aspects, in general, traditional printed books are better.

The indelibleness of printed books

The general public may not know the book printing cost, but the printing volume and paper product cost of more than 1,000 copies at a time should not be measured by the simple idea of a stack of A4 paper, after all, paper books have their own design and binding, the overall cost of printing can account for half of the total publishing production. In addition, how to find a suitable custom book printing factory is also essential. Speaking of paper books, there are many disadvantages, one is high cost, the other is that it is difficult to modify, and the third is that it takes up space, but why are paper books still indelible? 

There are also some advantages to printed books, such as, First, their eye-friendly. Second, they give a more fulfilling reading experience which connects the reader to the book. Lastly, it doesn't require power. E-books, on the other hand, are the opposite of these reasons which made it difficult for them to read also they cause eye strain. It's hard to explain, but if you don't consider the cost of publishing a book, of course, you have to publish a paper book to feel it. Because of the high cost, it is especially precious, because it is difficult to modify, so it is very cautious because it takes up space but it is real, and readers can take notes. Psychologists believe that the "materiality of reading" makes traditional reading the best way to go.

E-books and printed books have their own characteristics and they differ from person to person on which one to use it. It ultimately depends on the personality and own preferences of a reader. It also depends on which format serves a certain situation. If you would like to print your books, contact us for the cheapest book printing services.

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