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Which Color Mode Is Better For Printing?

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CMYK and Pantone color printing

In the book printing field, we often sound four color printing and Pantone color printing. But most of us don't understand during the actual printing application. What printing type will choose four color printing? And what printing type will choose Pantone color printing? Today, we will discuss the four color printing and Pantone color printing from their means, difference and application. And then find out which color mode is better for printing.

What does four color print mean?

CMYK printing01

It also known four color printing as CMYK printing. Four color printing use CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black), these four colors to mix the desired colors. To say it simply, we use the different overlays of these 4 colors to get the desired color. As long as the colors have gradients, they are all four-color printing. Four-color printing is overlay by the dots. And you can see dots of different colors with a magnifying glass.

What is Pantone color printing?

pantone color printing

Pantone color printing, also known as spot color printing and PMS color printing. Pantone color printing is the printing process. Which uses the other ink apart from CMYK to copy the original color. In the package and cover printing, we often use Pantone color printing to print the large area background. Pantone color is a single color, without gradual change. And the image is solid. When we use a magnifying glass to watch, it can't see the dots. The cost of Pantone color printing is higher than CMYK printing. For book printing factory, due to cost considerations, most of book printing are suggest with CMYK printing.

CMYK printing VS PMS color printing: what's the difference?

With Pantone color printing, the brightness of the color is low, and the saturation is high. We usually print the spot color block with a uniform ink color. And need to increase the amount of ink. When the thickness of the ink layer on the layout is large. The change of the ink layer's thickness will be less sensitive to color changes. So it is easier to achieve an ink uniform and solid printing effect. 

Pantone color ink with the advantage of accuracy, solid and wide color gamut.

With four color printing process to print the color block. It is easier to cause a change in color intensity by the change of ink layer's thickness and printing process condition. The change in dot expansion's degree, resulting in the color changes. So use four color printing to print the color block, it is not easier to make the ink uniform.

From the economic consideration. We need focus on whether Pantone color printing saves the printing times. Because reduce the printing times. Not only can save the printing cost, also can save the prepress making fee.

The application of PMS color printing and four color printing

Photographs taken with color photography that reflect the colorful changes in nature. Painter's colorful artwork or other picture that contains many different colors. Such as art book printing, photo book printing. From the consideration of process needs or economic. The color separation must be scanned by an electronic color separation machine or a color desktop system. And then copied by a four-color printing process.

Some packages or book covers make up from different colors of uniform color blocks. Or regular gradient color blocks and text. We can overprint these color blocks and text with four primary color inks after color separation. Also can mix the spot color ink, and then print only one kind of spot color ink on the same color block. In consideration of improve the printing quality and save the printing times. We often with Pantone color printing.

We also can use the CMYK printing and Pantone color printing at the same time. Like children's book printing, if the book with a large area background and colorful artwork. We can use Pantone color printing to print the background. And then use the CMYK printing to print the colorful artwork. So that to achieve the better printing effect at a relate low cost.

CMYK and Pantone: which color mode is better for printing?

CMYK color printing VS Pantone color printing: which is better? If you want to do the most high-quality printing and your budget is enough. For example, the high-end book printing, Pantone color printing is suitable. But if you want to save much cost and production time. Such as custom cheapest hardcover book printing. Or want the book color more bright, high saturation, and prefect restore the artwork color. CMYK is better for printing. No matter how to choose, you’d better combine with your book type and budget. So that you can select a suitable color mode to custom your printing service.

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