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Where to find the cheap and reliable catalogue printing services?

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Where to find the cheap and reliable catalogue printing services?



After communicating with the design company and revising it repeatedly to finalize thecatalogue, the enterprise is about to enter the catalogue printing stage, and the results of joint efforts will be released in kind. How to improve the quality of catalogue printing by printers in china?  What processshould be chosen?


In addition to the normal lamination, the printing process also includes Gold stamping,Silver stamping,SpotUV, embossing", etc. The process can choose one or more superimposed processes, and the clever use of the process can greatly improve the grade of catalog printing, thereby improving the enterprise image.


Gold stamping /Silver stamping


1. The precision of bronzing should not be too fine, such as font size and line, subject to process constraints, the thickness of the line should not be less than 0.01mm, and the font size should not be less than 6pt;

2. The bronzing is not easy to adhere to the smooth surface. If there is already a glossylaminatedor over-varnishingeffect, avoid the superimposition process in the same position;

3. The density of bronzing should be mastered well. This is a point that the album designer needs to predict in the early stage. In the case of complex graphics and high density, bronzing is prone to paste board conditions;

4. First print and then bronze. If there is a hollow part, the background pattern should be designed as a full-page background color as much as possible to avoid the inaccurate hot-stamping position caused by the 1-2mm error of the bronzing;

5. If the consumables for the engraving of hot stamping plates are blankets, the number of times of use is limited. 


Spot UV process 


1. The use of UV technology in corporate albums is relatively common. The purpose is generally used in a certain position on the cover, such as LOGO graphics or a certain part of decorative text. We call this UV process "partial UV". Part of the graphics after the partial UV process will have a visual contrast with other cover positions that have not been processed, which is more three-dimensional, has a prominent hand feel, and has a more textured finishing touch.

2. The "UV" industry standard in the UV process is called ultroviolet in English, that is, the special ink is cured after being irradiated by ultraviolet rays, and the texture produced by the position of the ink after curing is the UV effect. There are many types of UV, and the commonly used UV is generally considered to be "specular UV", which is the most widely used and the most popular.

3. Mirror UV can be used for full UV and partial UV. Generally, does not recommend all UV. For example, on the cover, the effect of UV on the whole surface is similar to that of the glossylaminated.There is no contrast, but the effect cannot be highlighted. The best combination partner of partial VU is "matte laminated". Oneglossand onemattecreates a contrast, and the effect is great.

4. There are three major elements of local UV varnishing, namely varnishing plate, equipment registration and curing equipment. In order to ensure that the local UV glazing part is consistent with the size of the printed image, the photosensitive imaging method should be used when making the glazing plate. Professional parameter users do not need to understand in depth, it is more important to what effect can be achieved, where to use it, and how to use it skillfully to control the cost increase. So as to achieve the effect of cheap catalog printing.


Embossing process


1. The embossing process has an obvious concave-convex effect on the performance of the album. It is generally used as a part of the LOGO, or a creative graphic is raised. The convex effect is positive and negative. If the cover is convex, there will be a gravure on the corresponding back, which can be understood as the principle of the steel seal. The two molds, the female mold and the male mold, are pressed together, and the designed graphics are under pressure. Under the effect of it, it is now on the album.

2. The shape of the concave-convex graphic design and the location of the concave-convex shape are provided by the designer. The design file will be processed separately as a black and white shape and delivered to the plate-making company to make the film. The film is then used to make the concave mold, and the concave mold is then After pouring gypsum or polymer material, a convex mold is made. At this point, the entire pair of yin and yang molds is completed, and then it can be fixed on the convex punching machine after alignment test and operation.

3. It is normal to have an error of 1-3 mm in the accuracy of the embossing process, so remember that it is difficult to accurately register when used for small characters and thin lines.




1. The varnishing can be completed by the oiling machine equipment, which is divided into two types:mattevarnish andglossvarnish, which are used in the album. In a sense, the effect of varnishing is more practical than beautifying. Varnish can brighten the screen effect, and the texture is much higher than that of glossylamination, which can be said to be bright and not ordinary; the effect of matte varnish is softer and the texture is elegant.

2. The function of varnishing is to protect the screen from scratches. If there is a large area of pictures, full background color, thick paper, etc., dragging in the later process may scratch the screen and the colors will rub against each other under pressure.Varnishing can eliminate the above problems.

3. Can varnishing replacelamination? If the cover is thin, varnishing can also play a protective effect, but if the cover paper of more than 200 grams is folded to avoid cracking, the varnishing cannot meet the demand, and the laminationcan effectively protect the cover.

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