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Where to find professional label printing company?

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Labels are widely used in our daily life.  Self-adhesive labels have the advantages of brushing, saving labeling time and so on. They have a wide range of applications and are convenient and fast. So what should we pay attention to when choosing a professional China printing companyto print your labels?  

1. The surface of film self-adhesive labels must be smooth and dense, with uniform density, consistent color and good light transmission, so that we can ensure uniform film ink absorption and small color difference of the same batch of label printing.  

2. The thickness of the self-adhesive label should be uniform and the strength index should be qualified.  The printing pressure exerted in the printing process is related to the thickness of the adhesive. If the thickness is uneven, the printing pressure is also uneven, which will lead to the deep or shallow handwriting or ink color of the label printing.  If the film strength is too poor, the tension of the film in the printing process is difficult to control, will have a great impact on die cutting and waste discharge.  

3. According to the type, grade, quality of the labeled object, the characteristics of the paste surface, the use of the environment and the requirements of users and other comprehensive consideration.  If the label made of transparent polypropylene self-adhesive label is attached to the transparent bottle body, the fashion feeling without label can be produced, the grade of goods can be improved, and the purchase desire of consumers can be stimulated.  And PVC film flexibility, shrinkage, light permeability, processing characteristics and labeling characteristics are very good, and colorful, with the role of promotional goods.  

4. Self-adhesive labels should be smooth and the rewinding tension should be uniform.  Good flatness, printing can be correctly transported, running, registration and rewinding.  The rewinding tension of the film should be uniform and appropriate, such as too small tension, film substrate relaxation, vertical and horizontal overprinting is not allowed;  If the tension is too large, the substrate lateral shrinkage, color is unstable, it is difficult to print normally.  

5. The self-adhesive labels of purchase should also maintain good stickiness within the validity period.  


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