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What type of paper is used for book printing?

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What type of paper is used for book printing?


Coated paper


Also known as printing coated paper, there are two kinds of single copper and double copper, with smooth surface, high whiteness, and good ink absorption and inking performance. Mainly used for offset printing, such as albums, calendars, books and so on. Matte powder paper is also a kind of coated paper, also called "matte coated paper". Compared with coated paper, matte powder paper is a more high-end kind. The printing is not as bright as coated paper, but the fineness is better. 

If you custom a childrens book printing, for example, you may want a heavier, thick gloss paper or matte paper for the cover and a middle-weight matte coated or uncoated paper for the contents of the book. For a catalog printing or magazine printing, you could go with a mid-range weight for the cover and lighter weight for the rest. If the book cover is one side printing, coated one side paper is a good choice.




Newsprint, also known as white newspaper, is the main paper used for newspapers and books. Applicable to newspapers, periodicals, textbooks, comic strips and other text paper.

The characteristics of newsprint are: the paper is light and has good elasticity; the ink absorption performance is good, which ensures that the ink can be well fixed on the paper.


Offset paper



It refers to printing paper, also called offset paper and double-powder paper. Generally, the quantitative weight of double-adhesive paper is between 60 grams and 120 grams, and there are also 150 grams of high-gram offset paper. Offset paper is widely used, and all kinds of books and textbooks are the first choice.

Card stock


The gram of card stock is more than 200g/m2, is a type of paper that is quite strong and sturdy. This paper is thick as compared to other printing papers. Mainly used for business card printing, invitations, book jackets, and some paper boxes, etc.


Kraft paper


Used as a packaging material, the gram is 80-120g/m2, and the strength is very high, usually yellowish brown. Semi-bleached or fully-bleached kraft pulp is hazel, cream or white. Mostly roll paper, but also flat paper. It can be used as envelope paper, plastic sealing paper, cable protection paper insulation paper, etc.


Specialty paper


Specialty paper is a paper with a special purpose and a relatively small output. It is a general term for all kinds of special-purpose paper or art paper. Mainly used for printing covers, decorations, handicrafts, etc.



Copy paper


The surface is fine, flat, smooth and good printability. For VAT tickets, gift packaging. It is suitable for printing multiple copies; it is used in book binding to protect art works and play an aesthetic role.


Carbonless paper


Generally is 40-150g, with direct copy function, divided into upper, middle and lower paper. There are seven colors, which play the role of distinguishing the order. Commonly used in offices or workplaces for record purposes of their invoices, records, or forms.


Thus, I hope this article can help you to know about different types of paper for different products manufacturing. When you any printing needs, you will know how to choose the printing paper material.

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