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What Type of Paper is Used for Book Printing?

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When it comes to book printing, choosing the right type of paper is crucial. The type of paper used not only affects the overall look and feel of the book but also its durability and readability. In this article, I will provide an overview of the different types of paper commonly used in book printing and offer some tips on how to choose the best paper for your book.

 铜版纸Coated paper

Coated paper is one of the most popular choices for book printing because of its smooth finish and high-quality feel. The coating process involves applying a layer of compounds to the surface of the paper, which gives it a glossy or matte finish. Coated paper is particularly suitable for books with high-resolution images, such as art books, photographic books, and cookbooks, as it enhances the colors and sharpens the details of the images.

Glossy finish enhances the colors and details of the printed images. Matte powder paper is also a kind of coated paper, also called “matte coated paper”, “matte art paper”. Compared with glossy coated paper, matte powder paper is a more high-end kind. The printing is not as bright as glossy coated paper, but the fineness is better. 

If you custom a childrens book printing, for example, you may want a heavier, thick gloss paper or matte paper for the cover and a middle-weight matte coated or uncoated paper for the contents of the book. For a catalog printing or magazine printing, you could go with a mid-range weight for the cover and lighter weight for the rest. If the book cover is one side printing, coated one side paper is a good choice.

There are two main types of coated paper used in book printing: C2S (coated two sides) and C1S (coated one side).

C2S paper

C2S paper, as the name suggests, is coated on both sides. This makes it ideal for books with color illustrations or photographs, as the coating prevents the ink from bleeding through the paper. C2S paper is often used for art books, coffee table books, and high-quality magazines.

C1S paper

C1S paper, on the other hand, is coated on one side only. The uncoated side is often used for the interior pages of the book, while the coated side is reserved for the cover or any pages with color printing. C1S paper is commonly used for board books or custom card printing.


Newsprint is a type of paper commonly used for newspapers. It is lightweight and inexpensive, making it a cost-effective option for book printing as well. However, newsprint is not as durable or high-quality as other types of paper. It tends to yellow and become brittle over time, so it is not recommended for books that need to stand the test of time.

Applicable to newspapers, periodicals, textbooks, comic strips and other text paper.

The characteristics of newsprint are: the paper is light and has good elasticity; the ink absorption performance is good, which ensures that the ink can be well fixed on the paper.

双胶纸Offset paper

Offset paper, also known as uncoated paper, is a popular choice for book printing. It is made from wood pulp and has a rougher texture compared to coated paper. Offset paper is more absorbent, allowing for faster drying times and reduced ink smudging. Offset paper is particularly suitable for books with predominantly text-based content, such as novels or non-fiction books. It offers good readability and is often used for black and white printing or books with minimal color images.

Generally, the quantitative weight of offset paper is between 80gsm to 120gsm, and there are also have 140gsm, 160gsm, 180gsm, etc thicker offset paper. Offset paper is widely used, and all kinds of coloring books, textbooks, notebooks,etc are the first choice.

 白卡纸Card stock

Card stock is a type of heavy-weight paper that is commonly used for book covers, postcards, and business cards. It is thicker and more durable than other types of book printing paper, making it a suitable choice for books that need to withstand a lot of handling. However, card stock is more expensive than other types of paper, so it might not be the best choice for those on a tight budget.

The gram of card stock is usually more than 200gsm/m2, is a type of paper that is quite strong and sturdy.

牛皮纸Kraft paper

Kraft paper is a type of strong, durable paper that is commonly used for packaging materials, such as grocery bags and wrapping paper. It has a rough, natural texture that can add a rustic, organic feel to a book. Kraft paper is not typically used for the interior pages of a book, but it can be a unique, eye-catching choice for a book cover.

Kraft paper often used as a packaging material, the strength is very high, usually yellowish brown. Semi-bleached or fully-bleached kraft pulp is hazel, cream or white. Mostly roll paper, but also flat paper. It can be used as envelope paper, plastic sealing paper, cable protection paper insulation paper, etc.

Specialty paper特种纸

Specialty paper refers to any type of paper that is specifically designed for a particular purpose. This can include textured paper, colored paper, metallic paper, or even handmade paper. Specialty paper is often used for limited edition books, art books, or books with a specific theme or aesthetic.

Specialty paper can be a great way to add a unique, custom touch to a book. However, it is generally more expensive than other types of book printing paper, so it might not be the best choice for those on a tight budget. 

拷贝纸Copy paper

Copy paper, also known as printer paper, is a type of lightweight, inexpensive paper that is commonly used for everyday printing and copying. It is not typically used for book printing, as it is not very durable and does not provide a high-quality finish. However, it could be a suitable choice for a low-cost, informal publication, such as a community newsletter or a school project.

The surface is fine, flat, smooth and good printability. For VAT tickets, gift packaging. 

 无碳纸Carbonless paper

Carbonless paper, also known as NCR paper, is a type of paper that is coated with micro-encapsulated dye or ink and reactive clay. It allows for the transfer of written or typed information from one sheet to another without the use of carbon paper.

Generally is 40-150gsm, with direct copy function, divided into upper, middle and lower paper. There are seven colors, which play the role of distinguishing the order. Carbonless paper is not typically used for book printing, but it can be a useful tool for forms, receipts, or other documents that require duplicates.

Tips to choose paper for book printing

When choosing the right paper for your book printing project, consider the following tips:

Consider the purpose of the book: If the book is intended to be a high-quality, lasting publication, then it may be worth investing in a higher-quality paper, such as coated paper or card stock. If the book is intended to be a low-cost, ephemeral publication, then a cheaper paper, such as newsprint or copy paper, might be more appropriate.

Consider the content of the book: If the book contains high-resolution images, then a glossy paper, such as C2S paper, might be the best choice to enhance the colors and details of the images. If the book contains mainly text, then a matte paper, such as offset paper, might be more suitable to reduce glare and make the text easier to read.

Consider the budget: The cost of the paper can significantly influence the overall cost of the book printing. If you’re on a tight budget, you might need to compromise on the quality of the paper or look for ways to reduce the cost, such as printing in black and white instead of color, or reducing the size or number of pages of the book.

Consider the environmental impact: The production and disposal of paper have a significant impact on the environment. You might want to consider choosing a paper that is made from recycled materials, or a paper that is certified as sustainable by a reputable organization.

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Choosing the right paper for book printing is a critical decision that can greatly impact the final outcome of your project. At BookPrintingChina, we understand the importance of selecting the perfect paper for your book. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in making the best choice to ensure your book stands out from the rest. Contact us today to discuss your book printing needs and let us help you bring your vision to life.


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