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What to pay attention to when design wire-o bound book printing artwork?

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Wire-o binding is the most popular binding currently. That is, punch holes at the binding side of the paper and then use a suitable Wire-O ring depending on the thickness of the book block to correct the pages together. There are no specific restrictions on page numbers. So what should be paid attention to when design wire-o bound book printing artwork?

1. The text on outside must be >3mm from the cutting edge to avoid being cut. Text must be created outlines. After the text is created outlines, please pay attention to whether there is a disorder of skipping or overlapping between words or lines. The text on the binding side should be >8mm from the cutting edge.

2. The printing color cannot be requested by the color printed on the screen or the printer. The customer must refer to the percentage of the CMYK color spectrum to decide the production color. At the same time, note that the CMYK chromatogram produced by different manufacturers is affected by factors such as paper, ink type, printing pressure, etc., and there will be differences in the same color block.

3. When printing the same document in different times, the color will be different, and the color difference is normal within 10% (due to the difference in the amount of ink control each time). For large-scale printing, you should pay attention to this and the other. To avoid excessive color difference, you can only refer to the digital color samples produced by our company. The color difference of different printed products shall not be used as a reason for return.

4. Please try to avoid using the combination of dark or full page color for the color matching of the color block, otherwise it is easy to cause back printing after cutting. Due to the small amount of business card printing and the same large area of color blocks on the front and back, it is difficult to guarantee the consistency and no ink spots, so it should not be used as a reason for returning.

5. Shading or base image color should not be less than 10%, so as not to render the finished product when printed.



The above is the editor ofbookprintingchina.com to share what to pay attention to when design wire-o bound book printing artwork for everyone. Hope it can be helpful to you.


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