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What should you pay attention to business card printing?

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business card 

Printing is a technology that transfers text, pictures, photos, and manuscripts to the surface of paper, fabrics, plastics, leather and other materials through plate making, ink application, pressure and other processes to replicate the content of manuscripts in batches.


Note on business card printing:

1. Put the dark color on the front and print the lighter color on the back. Because the darker ink has strong covering power and strong adhesion, it is printed on the front to facilitate accurate overprinting and the covering power of the light color. Weak, it is not easy to observe the rules when it is overprinted at the back. Correspondingly, the effect of overprinting is also good.

2. Often in a printed product, there are halftone four-color dots, and there are continuous tone patterns, text, and lines. At this time, the four-color dots should be printed first, which is conducive to accurate overprinting and reduces paper expansion and contraction. Influence, and then print continuous-tone text, lines, and patterns. In the printing color sequence arrangement, it is necessary to identify the priority and the secondary, and it is more appropriate to start with the difficult and then the easy.


The main points of the printing process:

1. UV, in the cover of the album printing, let the words stand out, and you can do UV technology on it to make these words stand out and look more obvious.

2. Printing gold and silver. During the printing process of the album, some color blocks can be printed with gold or silver to improve the grade of the album. You can also use gold or silver as the background color to make the printed color brighter.

3. Lamination, the cover of the album is generally covered with a matte film or a glossy film, which can make the album look more upscale and prevent smearing or damage.

In addition, the single file that has been completed before printing must be assembled into a printing layout suitable for the machine. After careful inspection, publishing and printing, the proper imposition method can optimize the process flow, save costs and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

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