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What Should We Pay Attention To Before Printing Children's Books In Bulk?

Time: 2022-11-18 Hits: 142

print children's book

Before bulk print children's book, something we need to attention. So that to make sure high quality printing your children's book.

1. Blending ink

For example, we should check the color of the ink first. If there is deviation, the children’s book printing quality will be affected. When there is a certain difference between the ink color and the product design draft. Let us check whether the ink is properly mixed first. And then adjust it according to the specific situation.

If the ink color is too deep, you can add an appropriate amount of inking oil or white ink to neutralize. So as to achieve the desired color.

2. Adjust viscosity

Before mass printing, we should adjust the printing viscosity according to the depth of the printing plate. In this process, no water needs to be added into the ink, as long as new ink with consistent viscosity is added. Which can effectively maintain the consistency of the same batch of patterns and colors. Thus improving children's book printing quality.

3. Do a good job of inspection

Before mass printing, check the printing plate carefully. As the printing plate maybe move slightly when the printing machine is rotate rapidly. In this process, the printing plate is prone to slight deviation. Which will lead to what we often call "inaccurate overprint". Thus, the operator should check the transfer position of the pattern for inaccurate overprint many times during the transfer process. And if found, adjust it in time before do mass production of children's book printing.

4.  Pay attention to the change of printing plate and machine

Pay attention to whether the small dot of light adjustment at the shiny part of the printing plate is worn. Whether the printing plate has scratches. Whether the printing plate is loose. And pay close attention to the abnormalities that may occur during the operation of the printing machine. In case of any abnormality, stop the machine for maintenance in time and replace the parts if necessary.

Normally before mass production, children's book printer will do a proof sample book for your confirmation first. If need any change, they will improve then move on with mass production.

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