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What should be paid attention to magazine printing?

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  Magazines are a kind of books. Magazines have been integrated into the lives of modern people. Printed magazines are an effective way to convey important information to readers. In the process of magazine printing china, in order to achieve satisfactory results, we need to pay attention to some printing matters. The following will introduce in detail for you:




  Firstly, it is recommended that the font size of the magazine layout design should not exceed 9 points. If the size of a magazine exceeds 9 pounds, it will feel bulky and stupid. It is really not wise to use font size to fill in the blank content, and leaving a blank space in the design is also a beauty.

  Secondly, be careful not to have too many fonts. High-end magazines must be tasteful in fonts. Pay attention to the matching of English fonts and Chinese fonts. Chinese and English fonts must be high-key and consistent. The bold Song type English and medium-line Chinese cannot be combined. Visually very tired, it feels like a layout made by 7-8 people.

   Thirdly, be careful not to use the font indiscriminately, and you must choose to modify it. You can use only one stroke. It is best not to bold the font casually, it will appear very rough.

   Fourthly, if there are more texts, you can divide it into columns first. Columns will make it easy to read the entire text. Secondly, pay attention to keeping the font size, line spacing, and word spacing the same, but don’t make it too crowded.

   Fifthly, the pictures in the magazine design should keep the original shape, and remember not to stretch or zoom the pictures with still life at will. Unless you are doing abstract things, the deformation of the object will be very ugly.


So, what are the paper requirements for magazine printing?


A beautiful magazine is enough to attract people’s attention, but good content and design are not enough. A good magazine has great requirements in terms of paper, design, content, typesetting, etc. So what are the paper requirements for magazine printing?

In fact, the choice of paper for magazine printing depends entirely on the requirements of printing quality, as follows:

1. Generally speaking, high-end clothing and life-themed magazines mostly use coated paper or medium-coated paper with a weight of ≥70 grams;

2. High-quality monthly and professional magazines use medium-coated paper and high-whiteness light-coated paper, with a weight of ≥70 grams;

3. Monthly and weekly magazines of general quality often use high-white light-coated paper or light-coated paper, with a weight of ≥60 grams;

4. Weekly and comprehensive magazines with large circulation generally use lightly coated paper and calendered paper, with a weight of ≥65 grams.




In addition, there are also the following rules in the selection of weight: 


1. High-circulation magazines and product catalogs generally use 36-54 grams of paper;

2. A higher-quality monthly magazine is 60-80 grams;

3. Professional magazines and customer magazines are 65-150 grams;

4. High-quality magazines are 75-115 grams.


I hope that some of the above information about magazine printing will be helpful to you. For different purposes, you need to use different materials of paper, and for different printing, you need to choose different papers to print a good product.

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