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What should be paid attention to before starting typesetting of book printing?

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There are many precautions for book printing and publishing. If you can pay attention to everything, then you are a professional book printer. If you need books to be printed and self-published, you only need to choose a suitable self-publishing company. And if you want to find book printing companies which can provide the service for custom printing China, then you have come to the right place, here can provide you with cheap book printing China and the best China printing service.


1: How to describe the book

Whether the book should be vertical or horizontal, and how much size should be made, is something that needs to be determined before the start of typesetting. For what purpose do you want to publish your creation into a book? According to your purpose, what form the book you want to print can be considered from the following perspectives:

Starting from the reader's reading habits

Let the content look its best

2: Confirm the printing method

Before a book is printed, it must be selected first. The printing method used for black and white and grayscale printing will also affect the production of typesetting.

1). Black-and-white printing: similar to the characteristics of comics, the color picture is converted into black dots, and the density of the dots is used to describe the gradient between black and white. If you look closely, you will find that the picture is composed of a small dot, and the price is economical and cheap. of.

2). Grayscale printing: select grayscale printing, convert the color picture into grayscale, and present it in black, white and gray, so that the picture can render the color gradient effect, the cost is lower, and the black and white printing.

3). Color inserts: place the pictures on the same page or on multiple pages, using color inserts, to uniformly place them at the front or back of the book for readers to read back and forth. It can display color in a centralized manner, and the cost is cheaper than full-color color printing.


3: Choose straight or horizontal text for text arrangement

Before you start typesetting, you need to think about the way the text needs to be arranged. Generally speaking, Chinese has the following two arrangements, and the reading experience is also different:

Straight script: writing from top to bottom, from right to left by hand. The most common way of writing straight scripts is the bamboo stick pen from the past, with a hand-written scribble, writing with the right hand and writing sentence by sentence from the right to the left. Books that express emotions in Chinese, such as novels, poetry anthologies, etc., are usually straight. It is said that reading prose is easier to express emotions in words.

Books: From left to right, after the development of the computer, horizontal writing has become a general horizontal writing method. Horizontal writing is also the most suitable text direction for fast reading. Therefore, it has become a simple or commercialized other knowledge book for readers. Purpose authors focus on acquiring knowledge, so it is appropriate to choose horizontal arrangement.

4: Choose book binding method

The selected binding method is different, which affects the setting of the typesetting file. There are now two binding methods available on Jishiyin:

Horse riding: suitable for staples, publications, corporate activity manuals, program albums…etc. with thin pages. With four pages as a unit, after folding the pages in half, use the machine to place nails on the line to fold and bind them into a book. The book can be completely flat after binding. Saddle stitches are low in cost and easy to process, but the relative restrictions can only rely on themselves. Two to three nails are used to fix the saddle stitches, so the number of pages to be bound exceeds 48 pages at most, and the weight of the inner page paper must be less than 100 pounds.

Perfect binding is suitable for books with a number of pages. It is a common binding method. The size of the package will vary depending on the number of pages and the thickness of the paper. The book is stacked according to the number of pages, the hard glue is melted into a liquid form at a height, and the glue is backed on the book with a roller, and then glued. When preparing files, it is recommended to avoid plastic bounding for the text, and it will be stapled recently, and the text cannot be clearly seen afterwards.

5: What file format should be provided in the end

Before starting the production of the file, remember to confirm the format of the file to be provided to the printing house.

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