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What problems should be paid attention to coloring book printing and designing?

Time: 2021-04-06 Hits: 584

What problems should be paid attention to coloring book printing and designing?


During printing and designing, there are many tedious details need to understand. Only when these details are done well, can the product stand out in many printing and designing works, especially for the custom coloring book printing and designing. If some details are not handled well, it is easy to make mistakes, leading to design errors, resulting in poor printing quality, high cost, time-consuming, and even impossible to cut. So what problems should be paid attention to the printing and designing of color books? And how to custom a high-end coloring book printing?




Following will show you some details about it:


1. Size

When designing the color page printing size, the most common A4 size is also 210*285 mm, and there are 180*260 mm, 214*289 mm, 184*264 mm, but the important thing to note is that in the color page it is necessary to pay attention to the bleeding size in the printing size design. Generally, the bleeding size is 5 mm. This is to reduce the error of cutting time and ensure the quality of color book printing.


2. Color

All colors can only be printed in CMYK colors, RGB or other color CD labels cannot be used. For a two-color system, the total value of the four colors of CMYK should not exceed 250, otherwise there will be a large color difference, because the ink drying speed is slow, resulting in a delay in delivery or color sticking. For light color system, CMYK four colors cannot be less than 8 value, otherwise it cannot be printed. For the black text, only K100C0M0Y0 can be used.


3. Picture

In addition to being beautiful and generous, we should also pay more attention to the practical value of color books, and put the needs of customers in the first place in the design of color book printing. In addition, the resolution of color pictures must be above 350 dpi to ensure that the printed images remain clear. The resolution of images downloaded online is generally only 72 dpi and RGB color mode.


4. Text design

When making a file, all text must be converted into a curve, to see whether there are jumpers or overlaps between the lines. If there are white dots between the strokes, it needs to be "split". In addition, when using Photoshop to make text, the resolution should be above 600 dpi, so that there will be no burrs, black text should use K 100 color, do not use Photoshop preset four colors-black fill, and do the bottom film stack , then there will be no white edges.


5. Line design

Draw a line or set the line width of the outer frame line, the minimum value must be above 0.076mm, otherwise it may not be able to print or affect the printing effect.



Now, you know that  need to attach importance of those 5 points to design and print a coloring book, for more knowledge about coloring book printing,  Contact us freely if you need.




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