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What Need To Pay Attention To Before Printing Your Book

Time: 2022-12-05 Hits: 157

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A fine print book, most of the time, which are depend on your artwork. That means, before printing your book,here are many preparation works you need to pay attention to. Today, we will focus on artwork.

6 artwork attentions before printing your book

1. Leave bleeding place

When design your artwork, you need to leave 3mm bleeding place. What's the bleeding place? Bleeding in book printing refers to the pattern that increases the outer size of the product. And add some pattern extensions to the cutting position. Which is especially used for each printing process within its process tolerance range to avoid the white edge of the finished product after cutting or the content of the cut. So if you don't leave the bleeding place, when cutting is not correct, four edges will have a white edge.

bleeding place

2. Transfer artwork in PDF by CMYK not RGB type

If for color printing, such as printing your own coloring book, you must transfer your artwork to PDF in CMYK. Because transfer in RGB type, the color will change, and it can't make sure restore your artwork color. But if you transfer in CMYK type, when printing your book, it can print the same color as your original artwork. That's why most of printing companies, who suggest customers transfer artwork to PDF in CMYK type.

3. Black text make sure to design 100% black

If for black and white printing, design your artwork 100% black will be better. As we all know, the cost of CMYK printing is higher than black and white printing. So if you with CMYK black to design your artwork, it will increase your printing cost.

4. Pictures DPI need to over 300DPI

If your book with pictures inside. When design your artwork, why need the pictures at least 300DPI? Because if the picture is less than 300DPI, when printing your picture book, the picture will be vague and affect your book printing quality. But the picture is over 300DPI. It can print in HD and make sure your book picture is of high quality. Especially in photo book printing, if your pictures are less than 300DPI. When printing, the book printing companies can ensure prefect print your picture in high quality. If your book picture is too vague, it also can't sell well.

5. Cover and inner pages separate by different PDF file

If print your own hardcover book, because the hardcover book with spine. If the cover and inner pages separate by different PDF file. When printing your book, it will be more convenient and save time.

6. Transfer all text to outlines

Transfer all text to outlines to avoid font missing.

Except for the above, when design your artwork, the software choice is also very important. If your book includes a lot of texts, like catalog, novel, story book, textbook, etc. We recommend use of InDesign is better. If your book includes lots of images, like children's book, photo book, comic book, manga, etc. We recommend use Photoshop is the best choice.

Before printing your own book, you need to pay more attention to your artwork. Because the artwork will have a large impact on your book printing quality.

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