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What material is used for ordinary greeting card printing

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When festivals come, the sales of greeting cards are very high. Greeting cards are used as a way of communication to express their wishes. Each greeting card represents a blessing. When festivals come, the greeting card printing industry begins to get busy. Many people only know the meaning of greeting cards, but few people know the constituent materials and technological means of greeting cards, The following mainly explains the material and technology of ordinary greeting card printing.


First of all, in terms of materials, greeting card printing actually has many kinds of paper, such as coated paper, matte paper, pearlescent paper, etc. And each kind of paper has grams.

Pearlescent coated paper is also divided into imported pearlescent coated paper and domestic pearlescent coated paper. Imported pearlescent coated paper is also divided into France and other places. Pearlescent coated paper is also called ice white, gold and silver, and pearlescent paper.

Much more expensive than coated paper. For greeting card printing, pearl paper printing greeting card effect is very good, there will be silver or gold flash, but color printing.

Brush lightly, because pearlescent coated paper is a special paper, it is not easy to color, and pearlescent coated paper dries slowly. Double sided greeting card printing will take longer than ordinary card printing(with coated paper)little longer.

Secondly, in terms of technology, customers must have an approximate printing production budget before design, and do the following work on this basis, because greeting card printing is different from album printing and single page printing. The cost of choosing a special paper on greeting card will be very high. Secondly, many processes in the later stage of greeting card can be superimposed, such as hot stamping, UV, bulging, etc, This will add to the printing cost of greeting cards.

The most common greeting card printing combination is copper paperboard, which is the most economical. It can also be combined with a bronzing effect. It is also necessary to consider whether there are matching envelopes of similar specifications for greeting card printing, because there are only a few numbers of envelopes with national standard specifications. If they do not meet the high requirements, it is necessary to print greeting card envelopes.

In fact, there are still many internal procedures and processes. Everything displayed in people’s vision needs to be carefully completed. Greeting cards are like this. They seem simple and need to be made with care.

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