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What issues should be paid attention to in poster printing?

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poster printing 


The main purpose of the poster printing is to publicize the company. One of the most important requirements is to have multiple eyeballs to enhance the audience’s impression of the company’s brand and the company’s business scope. In fact, it is to let the audience remember to change the company and brand in a short time, and first think of the company’s brand when needed.

Propaganda posters are one of the most important media in modern business activities, and are a common way of propaganda such as introduction of new products of the company and publicity of the company’s image and brand.

It is also a propaganda method with the advantages of wide audience, low cost, and intuitiveness. The main content of the poster includes: product description, company profile, image promotion, event introduction, etc., mainly to highlight the information the company wants to express and deliver.


When using CMYK (four-color printing), China printing company needs to use CMYK as the printing color in the design process, and cannot use other colors. And the sum of these four colors should not exceed 250. Try to store the design files in GIF format.

In the process of designing and making posters, we must first determine what purpose can be achieved through the poster and what effective information the poster contains, so as not to contain too much redundant information, so as not to affect the audience’s acceptance of key information. In the process of design, the color setting of the poster should not be too single or too complicated, so as not to overwhelm the guests.

And when making poster printing China, we must pay attention to the company’s long-term development, brand building, and brand accumulation. Propaganda posters cannot be designed and produced without purpose, otherwise it will affect the effect of propaganda, the image of the company, and reduce the psychological expectations of customers.

Chinese poster printing will also involve cost issues. We must consider the cost issues of design, production, printing, etc., but we must not sacrifice the overall design concept for the cost, thereby affecting the potential sales force and failing to promote the goal of.


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