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What is the gloss of paper printing in book printing?

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Printing gloss refers to the gloss of paper after printing. Generally speaking, according to the experience summarized by printers in China, the higher the gloss of paper, the higher gloss of book printing with it. Therefore, the gloss of white paper and the gloss of printed matter are in principle the same. In addition to the glossiness of white paper, the factors that affect the glossiness of printing include the paper's absorption of ink, the speed of solvent penetration into the paper and the speed of ink conjunctivation.


Therefore, in order to get a good printing gloss after printing, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the above various factors for paper size printing. Coating and super-calendering of paper can improve the gloss of paper. After the paper is coated, the fine particles of the coating fill up the depressions on the surface of the original paper, which improves the smoothness of the paper and the gloss. However, only coating can not greatly improve the gloss of the paper. Only after super calendering, the fine unevenness of the paper surface reaches optical smoothness (the recess interval is not greater than 1/16 the wavelength of the incident light), the gloss will leap Sexual improvement.


In addition, the effect of coating amount on paper gloss is also very important. When the coating amount is low enough to hide the unevenness of the original paper surface, even super-calendering cannot significantly improve the gloss of the paper. Glossiness is a very important quality indicator of printed paper. In a sense, it determines the beauty of printed matter.


According to the order of glossiness from low to high, the glossiness of various printing papers is ranked as non-coated paper, light-weight coated paper, art printing paper, cast-coated paper, and glossy paper. Due to the different uses of the printed matter, the requirements for the gloss of the printing paper used are also different. In order to prevent eye fatigue and reduce costs, paper with low glossiness is widely used in printed matter mainly composed of characters.


In order to make the printed products bright and pleasing to the eyes of commercial prints that are mainly art pictures, trademark decoration, etc., they often need to be printed on paper size with high gloss.


Do you have a certain understanding of the glossiness of paper printing? If you need to start your book printing, please feel free to contact us, here we have the professional and high-quality China printing service.

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