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Difference between saddle stitching and perfect binding?

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Common book binding methods include saddle stitching and perfecting binding, but many people listen to the opinions of book printing factory when choosing two binding methods, and ignore their actual printing results requirements, which ultimately leads to unsatisfactory finished products. So, what exactly is the difference between saddle stitching and perfect binding?


Saddle stitching usually refers to "wire tack", and instead of using pre-made staples, a machine cuts a length of wire from a rolled wire during production, staples it into the paper, and Bend the wire on the other side of the paper to secure it. The technological feature of this bookbinding method is that the inner part of the book is not ordered into the book center in advance, but the cover is attached, and then the entire book is bound and cut together.



Notes on the use of saddle stitching


Here are a few things to keep in mind before deciding to use saddle stitch binding for your prints.


(1) Saddle-stitched books do not have obvious spines, which is not conducive to display, storage and retrieval.


(2) The closer the inner page of the saddle stitch is to the center, the more it will be squeezed out. The amount of the squeeze is proportional to the thickness of the paper and page number, and some will cause the inner page to be narrower than the page near the cover.


(3) When the thickness of the book is large, attention must be paid to the layout of the layout elements in the design. Because the width of the saddle stitched middle page will be 1/2 the thickness of the book less than the finished size. If the finished product is 5mm thick, the width of the middlemost pages is 2.5mm less than the width of the cover. If text, logos, etc. are placed on the edge of the page, the text and logo on the cover are likely to be complete after cutting, while the logo and text on the innermost inner page are likely to be partially cut off.


Perfect binding refers to a binding method in which the pages of a print are fixed to the spine with glue. It is divided into two types: wireless glue pack and lock line glue pack. Wireless glue binding does not use iron wire or wire, but glues the book block with glue, which is a binding method from book publishing to automatic completion. Glue binding is a technology of book binding. Each piece of folding hand is stitched with line, and then glue is applied to the stitched part of the line in the order of page numbers to make it fixed into a book. The technological process is roughly as follows: collating, entering the book, milling the back, roughening, gluing the upper side, gluing the back of the book, wrapping the cover, forming, cooling the glue, duplexing, slitting, cutting the finished product, stacking the light book, inspection Finished, bundled.


Perfect binding.1

Precautions for perfect binding


When using perfect binding, you need to pay attention to the following points.


(1) After the glue in the hot sol package is soaked and dried, the book cannot be opened to the end, and the part of about 3mm at the binding mouth cannot be read. Therefore, the position of the center of the inner page should be 2 to 3mm away from the stitching.


(2) It is not advisable to use paper with a weight of more than 157 grams for hot-melt-bound books. Because the paper is too thick, it may cause degumming and breakage of the adhesive at the spine.

(3) The thickness of the perfect bound book printing is generally between 3mm-30mm. The book block is too thin and cannot be used on the computer. If the book block is too thick, it is also easy to cause the glue to break when reading. In general, the thinner the paper, the greater the thickness allowed for perfect binding.


What is the difference between saddle tack and glue? The above is the difference between the printing methods of saddle stitching andperfectbinding. Saddle stitched book printing do not have an obvious spine, which is not conducive to display, storage and retrieval; whileperfectbinding refers to a binding method in which each page of a printed product is fixed on the spine with glue, and everyone should choose according to their actual needs. 

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