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What is the difference between pad printing and screen printing in book printing process

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Difference between pad printing and screen printing


The principle of pad printing is to first use the photographic plate making method to make the steel plate into gravure, and then transfer it on the printed object through a special silicone printing head. Special ink can be prepared according to the material of the product, so as to ensure the quality. The principle of screen printing is to make holes that can pass through the ink on the plate base of the printing plate (paper film plate or other plates). During book printing China, the ink is transferred to the substrate (paper, ceramics, etc.) through the holes of the hole plate through a certain pressure to form an image or text.


Pad printing technology has many similarities with screen printing technology. For example, it has wide adaptability to substrate; There are many kinds of ink, pad printing ink and screen printing ink can be used generally; It is very convenient to complete the printing of different products by changing the fixture and printing plate.


However, there are many differences between pad printing and screen printing, such as: there are obvious differences in the transfer process of ink; The structure of printing press is different for example book printing, box printing or sticker printign etc.. ; The types of substrates are also very different. In fact, the differences between them are much greater than the similarities. We are used to binding them together because they face a common market. In this common market, pad printing is inseparable from screen printing, and screen printing is inseparable from pad printing. Stripping pad printing from the screen printing industry is difficult and unnecessary, but if you want to deeply understand the current situation of pad printing technology, you can't look at it from the perspective of the screen printing industry.


We attribute all printing involving paper to mainstream printing. Mainstream printing has always been highly valued by the theoretical circle. In recent years, screen printing has been valued. The primary reason is that its printing advantages in paper have been found, rather than people's attention to its advantages in the range of substrate, such as using screen printing to complete UV local glazing of paper, Special UV inks such as coral ink, ice flower ink and wrinkle ink have better effect than printing and flexographic printing.


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