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What Is The difference Between Coated Paper, PP, And PVC?

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paper for book printing

Coated paper is a high-grade paper for book printing made of base paper coated with white paint. For printing book covers, picture albums, advertisements of various exquisite products, etc.

The coated paper is flat paper, the size is 787×1092mm, 880×1230mm, and the basis weight is 70~250g/square meter. Have single-sided, double-sided, matte coated paper and cloth coated paper. According to the quality, divide into A, B, C three grades. The main raw materials of coated paper are coated base paper and paint. For the base paper are uniform thickness, small flexibility, high strength. And good water resistance, too. There are no spots, wrinkles, holes, and other paper defects on the paper surface. The coating used for coating is high-quality white pigments, adhesives, and auxiliary additives. This kind of paint with high fluidity and high solid content. Apply thin and even on the base paper by the coaster. Then dried, rolled into a roll on the reel, and then sent to the super calender for pressing. Light finishing, finally slitting, paper selection, and packaging.

PVC is actually a vinyl polymer, and its material is a non-crystalline material. Made of a kind of material. The advantages of this paper are easy to clean and waterproof. But its environmental protection is poor.

According to the coating. It is suitable for three kinds of ink printing: Eco-solvent ink, pigment ink, and dye ink. Among them, we printed the adhesive PP with weak solvent ink. Is also often called outdoor adhesive or oily adhesive. Can use outdoors without filming. Pigment ink printed call waterproof adhesive in the market. And only use indoors without filming. The dye ink printing with water-based adhesive. It is not waterproof, and the coating melts when it meets water, so it must cover with film for indoor use.

PP synthetic paper consists of four parts. The first is the coating. The second is the PP substrate. There are two types in the market, one is water glue and the other is oil glue. At present, the market is dominat oil glue. Fourth, release PET, which is to tear off the transparent film that is not used.

Coated paper is smooth to touch by hand, and has a coating on the surface. The color tones of the brochures, leaflets, and posters printed on this type of paper are bright. It is also the most common paper used in China book printing. And the price is moderate and the cost performance is very high. Yet, different brands and thin and thick paper, the quality of the products presented is not the same. So when customers choose paper, they still need to analyze specific problems.

Our common coated paper weights are 80, 105, 128, 157, 200, 250, 300. If the personal business card print on coated paper, it usually uses 300g. Most of the album templates use 200g, and the inner pages use 157g. Coated paper is cost-effective in printing printed matter. Of course, the business will also depend on the customer’s industry and printed matter. Recommended paper selection according to the situation. The more common offset paper weights are 70g, 80g, 100g, and 120g.

Generally speaking, albums are made of coated paper. If you want to customize the company’s publicity albums. You can contact sales@bookprintingchina.com to consult and custom album printing services. We have over 20 years of book printing experience and own advanced equipments. You don’t need to consider too much, only need to trust us and take your project to us. Because of high-quality printing, we have won many excellent reviews from our clients.

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