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What is the basic principle of book printing?

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Printed products can be seen everywhere in daily life. Different products use different printing methods. Usually for book printing, it used offset printing machine, digital printing machine by the printers in China.


According to the principle that the printed part and the non-printed part of the printing plate produce printed matter during the printing process, it can be divided into physical printing and Chemical Printing.


For physical printers, the printed ink is completely loaded on the printed part, while the non-printed part is concave or convex, which is different in height from the printed part and cannot be stained with ink. Leave it blank, so the printed part the transfer of printing ink to the printed material is only a physical mechanical effect. Generally, relief printing, gravure printing, stencil printing, dry lithography, etc. are all physical printing (the printing surface is higher or lower than the non-printing surface).


For chemical printing, the non-printed part (non-printing surface) of the printing plate does not adhere to the ink. It is not that the part is concave, convex, or obscured, but due to chemical action, which makes it absorb water and repel ink. The film dictates. Of course, the printed part (printing surface) absorbs ink and repels water, and the non-printed part absorbs water and repels ink. Water and grease reverse each other, which is still a physical phenomenon. The ink film is chemically printed. The printing of lithographic rubber printing presses falls into this category. In the solution in the cover of the water tank, it is necessary to add a kind and glue-like substances to supply the mucilage layer of carboxyl groups so as to keep the non-printing surface part of the printing plate from being impregnated by grease.

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