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What is pantone color printing in book printing?

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Pantone color printing refers to a book printing process that uses inks other than the four-color inks of yellow, magenta, cyan, and black to replicate the colors of the original. The pantone color printing process is often used in book printing in China printing company to print a large area of background color. 


What kind of product is suitable for pantone color printing?

For dark large-area color blocks, the four-color printing process may need to be superimposed by several colors of high salt number dots. If the ink layer is too thick, the back side will be smeared; while the pantone color printing process only needs to print one The color is not easy to be smeared on the back. With the four-color printing process, some parts of the image and text may be composed of several colors; while using the spot-color printing process, the corresponding part is printed with only one color, which avoids the possibility of overprinting errors.


Can a product use four-color printing and pantone color printing at the same time?

If the book printing has both a color gradation screen and a large area background color, the color gradation screen part can be printed in four colors, and the large area background color can be printed in pantone colors. The advantage of this is that the four-color printing part can correctly restore the picture by controlling the solid density, and the background color part can obtain the visual effect of uniform and thick ink by appropriately increasing the ink volume. This method is often used in the printing and production of packaging products and stamps, but the increase in color number also increases the cost of printing plates.


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