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What is lithography printing?

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What’s the lithography printing



The early lithographic printing was the lithographic flat pressing type, and later developed into two types of lithographic round pressing and round pressing. Most of the machines are used for special printing, such as proofing machines for proofing, etc. In the printing paper and other machines, all the circular plate and circular press types are improved.

Lithography is a printing process that relies on the insolubility of grease and water to create high-quality prints of existing images. Usually, a special pencil will be used to draw the image directly on a stone or metal plate. Then the ink is applied to the image. The blank areas of the image will repel ink, while the graphics will retain ink. Then, a piece of paper (or other material) is placed on the image, and the flatbed will print the image onto the paper through a lithographic printing machine. Lithographic printing is ideal for medium and long-term printing, and can be used to print magazines, books, posters, packaging, maps, etc.

There is no difference in height between the printed part and the non-printed part, it is flat. Using the principle of non-mixing of water and oil, the printed part maintains a layer of oil rich in grease, while the layout on the non-printed part can absorb With proper moisture, it is assumed that after the ink is applied to the plate, the printed part will repel moisture and absorb the ink, while the non-printed part will absorb moisture to form an ink-resistant effect. The method of printing using this method is called “lithographic printing”. 


Lithographic printing machine:

Multi-color machine, four-color machine, two-color machine, single-color machine, fast printing machine, etc.



The advantages and disadvantages of lithographic printing:

①Advantages: The plate-making work is simple, and the cost is low. The color register is accurate, and the printing plate is easy to copy.

The printed matter is soft and soft. Can undertake printing in large quantities.

②Disadvantages: Due to the influence of water glue during printing, the color reproduction is reduced and the vividness is lacking.

The ink on the layout is thin (only 70% of the capacity can be expressed, so the offset-printed light box poster must be double-sided printing can enhance its color). Special printing applications are limited.


What can lithography print be used for?

Lithography is great for bigger print jobs because once the plates have been made, actually creating the prints is pretty cheap and easy.Traditionally Lithography is used in the production of newspapers, but it also has many other printing uses, including…

· Leaflet and flyer printing

· Brochure printing

· Maps

· Letterheads

· Business cards

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