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What is full color printing?

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Full color printing refers to the process of printing photos or other documents in full color. With the continuous development of technology, it has come a long way. In fact, the methods used today are so refined that they can make copies that look like the original photos.

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Looking for vivid colors that merge together creating exceptional printed products?  That’s what full color printing can do for you and today we take a quick glance of full color printing at bookprintingchina. We are one of the best book printers in China. And at here we can provide the best china book printing service for you.

Color reproduction relies on the theory of three-color vision, which is based on the way the eye sees colors. White light including all wavelengths of visible light has three primary colors. These colors are red, green, and blue, and are commonly referred to as RGB in the printing field. RGB colors are called additive primary colors, because the light of these three colors will produce white light when added together. This is the very basic idea behind full-color printing.

The process of color separation is like the process of seeing. The original image can be seen using three filters, each of which corresponds to one of the additional primary colors.

The process used for full-color printing is the same as the way photography works. Place a red filter on the camera or special lens to produce all the red negative light. When printing on the front side, blue and green areas are left. This process changes the color to cyan. The green filter produces positive values for the other additive colors, namely red and blue. This process results in magenta. The blue filter leaves red and green to produce a yellow positive film.

The three colors created in this full-color printing process are called subtractive primary colors, because each color represents two additional primary colors. Of course, this is after subtracting an additional primary color from the white light. Color printers use color inks that act as filters. These filters subtract part of the white light and then project the image on the paper to produce other colors. The printing ink is actually transparent, allowing light to pass through and reflect onto the paper base.

When the three subtractive base colors are combined, the copy of the original item will become blurred. This is caused by the coloring of the ink. To solve this problem, the fourth color black is added to the mix. This will add shadows and contrast to the image and eliminate blur.

Full-color printing provides an opportunity for your marketing materials to attract eyeballs among other dim colors. Your brand or personal project deserves a pleasant color that exceeds the color you see on the screen. It has been shown that the use of color in full-color printing can increase the number of readers and information retention of publications. According to the National Advertising Association (National Advertising Association), research in major publications shows that using color can increase readership by 40% or more. If you are interested in learning more about full-color printing technology, please visit our website now. We can provide you with the most satisfactory China printing service.

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