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What is a sticker printing?

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Sticker printing: sticker is also called self-adhesive label material. It is a composite material with paper, film or special material as the fabric, adhesive on the back and silicone coated paper as the base paper.


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There are two types of self-adhesive labels: one is a paper-based self-adhesive label, and the other is a film-based self-adhesive label. Paper-based self-adhesive labels are mainly used in liquid washing products and popular personal care products; film materials are mainly used in medium and high-grade daily chemical products. Film-based self-adhesive labels are commonly used in PE, PP, PVC and other synthetic materials. The film materials are mainly white, matt and transparent.


Material: Molded wood free paper, coated paper art paper (shading / mirror), transparent PVC, electrostatic PVC, polyester PET, laser paper, temperature resistant paper, PP, PC, kraft paper, fluorescent paper, thermal paper etc.


Self-adhesive label printing, because the main printed products are mainly commodity labels and signs, it is also called trademark printing. Sticker printing china usually uses special composite paper. This paper must be prefabricated by a paper processing plant. Generally, a layer of self-adhesive is applied to the back of the substrate and adhered to the easy-to-peel release paper. After printing, use a knife line to print, peel off the blank excess part, leave a certain shape of the printed matter on the anti-sticking paper, peel off the finished product when using it, and paste it on the goods or packaging. In addition to paper, substrates also include metal foil and film.

Self-adhesive label printing, using a label printing machine to print, this printing machine uses roll paper, one-time paper feeding, rewinding, can complete printing, hot stamping, varnishing (or composite plastic film), die cutting, rewinding waste and cutting And other processes.

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