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What is a fragile paper sticker

Time: 2021-02-05 Hits: 90

Fragile paper stickers printing are actually very common in life. For example, we bought a mobile phone in Jingdong Mall. After receiving the goods, you will find that there are small pieces of paper on both sides of the box. When we want to tear it gently I took off the small piece of paper and found that it is very difficult to tear off the small piece of paper without tearing it, and this small piece of paper is a fragile paper sticker.

Fragile paper stickers have very low paper breaking strength, they will break if they are stretched a little, and one side has adhesive bonding ability, so that when they are torn off, they cannot be completely peeled off. They are not reusable and are often used in some Unconventional product identification methods that are difficult to accurately guarantee with regular quality assurance methods.


It is widely used in the quality assurance of mobile phones, telephones, computer accessories, automobile electrical appliances, alcohol, medicines, food, cosmetics, performing arts tickets, etc., and can also be used in shopping malls to prevent theft and tampering. The quality of the products under warranty is high price and quality assurance. The responsibility is high and the accuracy of the warranty date is high. Therefore, the quality of the fragile sticker is directly related to the quality of the product's after-sales service and the economic benefits of the business. The use of this anti-counterfeiting material can effectively avoid various losses and disputes.


Fragile paper stickers generally require professional printing factory to print, and fast printing shops generally cannot provide services. If you are looking for fragile paper stickers printing, please contact us.

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