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What format of pictures are used for leaflet printing and what machine is suitable to use?

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The advertisements we can see now are generally in the form of leaflet, but do you know what format and how to make leaflet printing? Now bookprintingchina will explain to you some tips when printing leaflet.


What format pictures are generally used when printing leaflets?


The pictures needed for leaflet printing are in JPG format, and the color mode of the pictures should be CMYK. If the color mode is RGB, color distortion will occur, and serious color cast quality problems will occur.


Method of printing color with ink

(1) Use four-color ink printing color, mixed dots and overlap printing.

(2) Mix printing inks to produce spot colors, that is, use spot colors for printing, and use solid colors or dots to express colors. The color designation and plate making methods of these two methods are different in the printing design.

1. In the gray-scale monochrome printing of monochrome printing, the deepest solid base is 100%; white is 0%, and different shades of gray are made by using different dots, that is, using percentage control. In order to make it easier to read, inverted white characters are usually applied in dark gray tones ranging from 50% to 100%, and black characters are used between 50% and 0%, but it should also be considered according to the different colors.

2. Four-color labeling of color printing. Color printing uses four colors of red, yellow, blue, and black to produce kaleidoscopic colors. It can use color separation to make a plate printing photo color. But the color of the text or graphics expected in the design can use the color code to check the CMYK value of each color. However, some special colors such as gold, bank and fluorescent colors cannot be composed of four-color ink overprinting, and must be printed out with spot-color inks.


What machine is used to print the flyer?

If the quantity is small, use an ink-jet printer to print, if the quantity is large, it can be printed on eight or a printing press, and if mass printing, it needs to be printed on the machine.

The two basic elements of leaflet printing design are information transmission and visual communication. A successful sample design must have authenticity and originality in information transmission; a successful brochure design must have a strong visual impact in visual communication. If you need to promote your company or product, then printing a large number of leaflet is a good way.We are a professional China printing company and will be your correct printing choice. Feel free to contact us to start your printing business.

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