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What factors will affect the drying condition for catalogue printing?

Time: 2021-02-26 Hits: 75

The production of catalogue printing is the key to the long-term survival of an enterprise. Therefore, every detail in the production process of album prints must be done well. For catalogue printing, the drying effect occupies a very important proportion in printing. What factors will affect the drying effect of catalogue printing?


DSC_02161. The influence of environmental factors in catalogue printing

Generally, when printing in an environment below 20°C, the natural drying of the ink will be weakened. The natural dryness of the ink tends to increase when the temperature rises a little. This also shows that the high humidity of the air will cause moisture to enter the ink, causing the overall volatility of the solvent to deteriorate; secondly, the large amount of moisture in the air will inhibit the volatilization of the solvent.


2. The influence of catalogue printing plate on drying   

The depth of the printing plate cell has a great influence on the drying speed. This is for gravure printing, such as 18μm cell and 33μm cell depth, the ink drying time will be less during printing.


3. The influence of the exhaust system of the printing machine

If the exhaust system in catalogue printing is not smooth, then some of the solvents that can be used cannot be eliminated in time. If the solvent concentration in the oven is too high, it will further volatilize, which will greatly affect the drying effect.


4. The effect of printing ink for catalogue printing on drying

The drying effect of water-based ink is closely related to the pH value of the ink. If the pH is too low or too high, it will affect the drying speed of the ink faster and slower.

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