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What factors should be considered in children's book printing?

Time: 2021-06-25 Hits: 147

There are many types of children's books, including children's enlightenment books, children's popular science books, children's literature books and children's cartoon books.  The technology and materials of children's book printing, from content to form, children's books have a lifelike effect, achieving a perfect combination of fun, practicality and reading.


So what factors should be considered for children book printing?

1. Packaging design coexists with practicality and entertainment

From the beginning of infancy, children's perception ability, cognitive activities and thinking, emotion, will and behavior activities and other aspects, have preliminary formation and development. Books, as the most extensive existence carrier for conveying feelings, play an educational and guiding role in the early stages of human growth. In the design concept of children's books, in addition to maintaining the reading characteristics of the book itself, it should also pay attention to its entertainment and fun, and try to be not boring, full of fun and surprises.

2. Wide range of printing materials

The materials for printing children's books are still mainly paper, and most children's books are printed with exquisite pictures, which can not only attract children to read, but also help children understand the interestingness of the story. In addition to reading, the baby cloth book printed with fabric materials can also be used as a baby's toy to satisfy the baby's love of biting books. This kind of book is also called a book that cannot be bitten or ripped.

3. Variety of printing process

At present, most common children's books in China are printed by offset printing process, such as ordinary story books and picture books. Because the lithographic offset printing process is mature and the printing quality is exquisite, the perfect restoration of the image color can be achieved, and the cost of mass printing is low.

Here is an article wrote some research on the necessity of children's book printing, pointing out that printed books are more conducive to children's physical and mental health development than e-books.

4. Complicated and ingenious post-press production

Binding is also a highlight of children's books. When most children's books are thick, glue binding is used, and saddle stitches can be used for those with few pages. There is also a spiral binding, which is very convenient to read page by page, and the child's fingers can reach into the spiral and carry the book like a bag, which is very interesting. This design is more attractive for children to read.

5. Higher environmental protection requirements

Because young children like to bite objects, publishing houses and printing houses often choose environmentally friendly materials to print children's books. Environmental printing has also become a major trend in the development of the entire printing industry. At present, some domestic printing companies have passed ISO 14000 international environmental management system certification. It is required to choose low-toxic or non-toxic, low-pollution or non-pollution materials in the printing process.

In terms of ink, many books are currently printed with soy ink, because soy ink is a new type of green and environmentally friendly ink, which is refined from 100% pure natural vegetable soybean oil, which is completely taken from nature, no irritating smell, and safe Non-toxic, colorful, environmentally friendly and renewable. The most important thing is that even if the baby bites the book with his mouth, it will not have any effect on the body.

Generally speaking, children's books are made with both pictures and texts, which not only spread knowledge to children, but also enriched their childhood life.


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