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What factors about the price of catalogue printing china?

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What factors about the price of catalogue printing china?

Catalogue printing products are a common type of printing products in the printing market, and the function are more extensive, which can be used for the appreciation of the general audience, but also for publicity and promotion. So what factors will have an impact on the price of catalogue printing china?

I. Quantity

Needless to say, the more you buy, the cheaper it is. This is also one of the decisive factors that also affect the price of catalogue printing. The more product you order, the cheaper the unit price will be, which directly saves the cost. In the printing industry, the starting price of printing equipment is the same, that is to say the cost price is the same, no matter how much you print, the cost is so much, the more you print, the cheaper the price will be.

2. The choice of different printing paper

Different printing paper prices are also different, such as the choice of slightly thin 157gsm of art paper price is relatively low, and the choice of 200gsm of slightly thicker coated paper price is naturally more expensive.

3. Equipment

The printing equipment made in China is still in its initial stage, and the products printed by the imported equipment are better, compared with the products printed by the domestically made printing equipment. This also directly affected the price of catalogue printing china.

4. The design

Want to do a good job in catalogue printing, professional design is essential, so if you want to calculate a good printing quotation, must put the design cost into it. Of course, if you have their own design team to operate the design, it can save the cost of the design.

5. The ink

The use of different ink prices are also different, hot stamping, hot silver ink and traditional ink price gap.

6. Size

One of the factors that affect the print quotation of the catalogue is the size. The size, determines the amount of paper used.


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