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What effect does the hot stamping temperature have on the quality of hot stamping?

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In the hot stamping process, the effect of hot stamping temperature on the quality of hot stamping is very obvious, so what effect does the hot stamping temperature have on the quality of hot stamping?


1. When the temperature is too low, the isolation layer and the adhesive layer of the anodized aluminum will not melt sufficiently, which will cause the hot stamping or the hot stamping to be incomplete, and the imprinting will be incomplete and blurred. The hot stamping temperature must not be lower than the temperature resistance range of the anodized aluminum. The lower limit of this range is the temperature to ensure the melting of the anodized aluminum adhesive layer.


2. When the temperature is too high, the hot-melt film will melt over the range, causing the electrochemical aluminum to adhere around the imprint, resulting in a paste plate; it will also oxidize and polymerize the synthetic resin and dye in the electrochemical aluminum dyeing layer, resulting in the electrochemical aluminum imprinting Foaming or clouding; high temperature will also cause oxidation of the surface of the anodized aluminum plating layer and dyed layer, which will make the hot stamping product lose its metallic luster and reduce its brightness. To

To determine the correct hot stamping temperature, you need to consider these factors, including the model and performance of the anodized aluminum, the stamping pressure, the stamping speed, the stamping area, the structure of the stamping graphics, the color and thickness of the ink layer of the printed matter, The area and room temperature of the hot stamping workshop. When the hot stamping pressure is small, the machine speed is fast, the base color ink layer of the printed matter is thick, and the room temperature of the workshop is low, the hot stamping temperature should be appropriately increased. The general range of hot stamping temperature is 70~180℃. After the optimal temperature is determined, it should be kept as constant as possible from beginning to end to ensure the stable quality of the same batch of products. To

When there are different graphic structures on the same layout, choosing the same hot stamping temperature often cannot meet the requirements at the same time. However, there are two solutions to this situation: one is to choose two different types of anodized aluminum at the same temperature; the other is to use two electric heating plates and two voltage regulating transformers under the conditions allowed by the layout. , To obtain two different temperatures to meet the needs of hot stamping. To


In summary, the hot stamping temperature still has a great influence on the hot stamping quality. Therefore, the correct adjustment of the hot stamping temperature has become the key to the printing quality. It is more important to choose a professional China printing company for printing. Bookprintingchina has more than 20 years of printing experience. Any printing needs, please feel free to contact us.

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