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What do you need to know before printing?

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"Printing is a technology that transfers the ink to the surface of materials such as paper, fabrics, leather, etc., through plate-making, inking, and pressurization of texts, pictures, photos, and other manuscripts to copy the contents of the manuscripts in batches."


 What basic knowledge do you need to know before printing?

1. What are the elements of the price of printing?

The price of printing consists of the following parts: the full price of the paper used, design fees, plate making fees, proofing fees, printing, printing fees, and post-processing fees. Seemingly the same printed product, the reason why the price is different lies in the difference in the materials and craftsmanship used.


2. What preparations should be made before printing?

Customers need to make prints at least to make the following preparations:

1). Provide the designed original document

2). Provide high-precision pictures and correct text content

3). The specification requirements are clearly stated, such as quantity, size, paper, post-process, etc.


3. How to make the printed product look more high-end?

We should start from the following three aspects:

1). The design style should be novel and the layout design should be fashionable;

2). Choose the right material according to the product, the best material may not be suitable for your product;

3). Use special printing processes, such as: laminating, varnishing, bronzing, silver bronzing, and printing;


4. What is four-color printing?

Generally refers to the use of yellow, magenta, cyan three primary color ink and black ink to copy the various color processes of color originals.


5. What product must adopt the four-color printing process?

Photographs taken by color photography that reflect the rich and colorful color changes in nature, color art works of painters, or other pictures containing many different colors, must go through electronics for technical requirements or for economic considerations. The color separation machine or a color desktop system scans the color separation, and then uses a four-color printing process to copy and complete.


6. What is spot color printing?

Refers to the addition of yellow, magenta, and cyan. The printing process of using other color oils other than the four colors of black ink to replicate the original colors. The spot color printing process is often used in packaging printing to print a large area of background color.


7. What kind of products will use spot color printing?

The cover of packaged products or books and periodicals is often composed of uniform color blocks of different colors or regular gradient color blocks and text. These color blocks and text can be overprinted with four primary color inks after color separation. Spot color inks can also be blended. , And then only print a certain spot color ink on the same color block. In the case of comprehensive consideration of improving printing quality and saving overprinting times, spot color printing is sometimes used.


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