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What book binding method is best for you?

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As the so-called "binding into a book", binding is the overall process of a book from collating to closing and forming into a book. Generally, it includes processing procedures such as sorting, connecting, stitching, equipping, and covering the printed pages in order. Commonly used in paperback books, magazines, corporate reports, brochures, manuals and annual reports. How to choose from various binding methods? We have created a complete book binding and printing guide, so you can easily find the ideal binding method.

binding methods

(1) Saddle stitching binding.

This is one of the most common binding methods. It is fast, affordable, and easy to read.

Scope of application: product manuals, sample books, picture albums, conference materials, training manuals, VI manuals, contract texts, recruitment manuals, etc.

(2) Perfect bound binding.

Due to its good flatness, a large number of books and periodicals currently use this binding method. The beautifully designed cover and the text are glued together by special adhesives and punched by the binding machine to bind them into a book.

Scope of application: It is suitable for binding of tenders, text materials, teaching materials, etc. It is currently a widely used binding technology.

(3) Wire-O binding.

It is divided into two common ways: apron binding and iron ring binding. Wire-o binding has many of advantages. For example, pages can open easily and go to a full 360 degree rotation. The binding can accommodate any page count and index tabs can be added for ease of access.

Scope of application: applicable to office materials, introductions, personal materials, business books, training materials, conference materials, conference affairs materials, conference journals, etc

(4) Paperback binding.

It is a binding method in which the printed book pages are folded and affixed into a book, and the matched book affixes are stacked and bound with thread or wire 5 mm away from the edge on the side of the binding opening, and then the cover is bound.

(5) Luxury hardcover binding.

Hardcover books are very suitable for people who need printing upgrades, and they are the pinnacle of luxury printed matter. Including plastic bound hardcover, loose-leaf hardcover and butterfly hardcover. This binding method is luxurious, sophisticated, high-end and durable, and can freely design the text size. It is the most powerful of all binding methods.

Scope of application: suitable for binding of high-end tenders, photo albums, feasibility reports, design atlases, product albums, architectural decoration texts, etc.

6paper sections sewn

There are "softcover" and "hardcover". The former does not cover the corners and does not cut the mouth; the latter covers the corners or the mouth, and the cover material is more exquisite.



Special Note:

There are various binding methods. You must choose the appropriate binding method according to its characteristics and scope of use. Before printing, you need to clearly express the effect we want with the book printing company, so as to highlight the printing effect. Bookprintingchina is a commercial book printing company China. Let us help with your next printing project by requesting a book printing china online quote today.

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