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What Are The Types of Printing Services?

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There are many different types of printing methods available and they're continuing to evolve. Each type is suited to a different need, meaning that businesses can choose a printing technique that best highlights their products or service. So what are the different types of printing services China?


Digital Printing

This printing method is becoming more and more popular because of its high-quality outputs and speedy printing process. In digital printing, there is no need for plates to be prepared. It also doesn’t need to go through the setup process like offset printing does so it saves a lot of energy and manpower too. In addition, there are less chemical and paper waste in this method because the ink and toner doesn’t get absorb by the paper but only remains in the surface.


Offset printing

Also called as offset lithography printing, this method is a great choice for high volume print runs. Offset printing has the best printing quality among all the book printing services. For example, is a process that transfers an image from a plate to a rubber blanket. It’s popular with businesses because of its ease of use and low cost. On the other hand, Intaglio printing uses a stencil to produce a sharp-edged image. A screen-printed image is typically more expensive than its digital counterpart.


Screen Printing

Screen printing and gravure printing are two different types of printing. Offset printing uses a plate with ink for large-scale productions, and digital printing is cheaper and faster. Inkjet printers use a continuous drum, ideal for larger print runs. In contrast, screen printing and gravure printing are not as standard and ideal for large orders. It is recognized as the most versatile among all forms of print reproduction.


Gravure Printing

Just like offset printing, gravure printing is also a great choice for printing high quality and high volume materials like magazines, mail order catalogues, brochures and other long run publications. This high-quality printing technique utilizes direct contact between paper and an etched copper plate and can be very expensive.


These printing methods can create a range of different products and deliver a range of desired results. You can now weight your options and narrow down your choices for the best book printing services.

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