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What are the trends in children's book printing and publishing?

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childrens book printing

About children's books, whether you know it or not, it is a different kind of existence in book printing products. Children's books are the books specially customized for children. An excellent children's book can bring children a novel world, an enlightening mentor, and a silent partner. Children's books on the market today, from illustration production to content typesetting, from cover binding to packaging design, from material selection to printing process, can be seen everywhere in the publishers and printers, which naturally attracts many young readers. So for a company that publishes children's books, it is very important for them to find a good children's book printing factory. How to choose?

1. The use of environmentally friendly inks has become a trend

Because children like to chew on objects, publishing and printing company mostly use environmentally friendly materials to print children's books. Environmentally friendly printing has also become a major trend in the development of the entire printing industry, requiring the selection of low-toxic or non-toxic, low-polluting or non-polluting materials in the printing process. Soy-friendly inks are commonly used in children's book printing.

2. Lightweight paper preferred for children's books

What kind of paper are used to print children's books with delicate packaging and bright colors? Children's books are mainly printed on offset paper, coated paper and light paper. The printing effect of light paper is between offset paper and coated paper. Its surface smoothness is better than that of offset paper, and its brightness is slightly worse than that of coated paper, which is more suitable for custom coloring book printing. Due to its light weight and low price, lightweight paper has become a new choice for children's book printing.

3. Packaging design focuses on first vision

With the improvement of the level of book printing, children's books have broken through the traditional printing methods of paperback and hardcover. Many techniques originally used for packaging printing and screen printing have been applied to the covers of children's books, and the international popular large-size children's books have also begun. Popular, and children's books with CDs and toys are not uncommon.

Children's books pay attention to the first sight and attract children's attention at the first sight, so many children's book covers are designed with UV, embossing, colorful crystal, ironing various colors of anodized aluminum, die-cutting and other processes.

BookPrintingChina, with more than 20 years of printing history. Years of long-term cooperation with well-known overseas companies, with rich experience in children's book printing. We know that babies like bright colors and make children's book more colorful when printing. For the baby's age group, use the hard cardboard and round the corners of the book safely. The book is not afraid of tearing or hurting the hand, and the mother is more assured. We are your professional children's book printing factory. If you are interested in or have doubts about our printing, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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