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What are the reasons for UV ink quality problems in book printing?

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The main surface of the quality problem of UV ink printing is that the ink does not dry and the ink drops. What are the main reasons for the ink dry and ink drops? The China Printing Company will introduce to you.


①The proficiency of the printing staff.

Different types of materials, different ink layer thicknesses and different printed graphics have different requirements for UV drying devices. On the printing machine, the power of UV curing, printing speed and ink layer thickness can be adjusted. If the operator does not handle the relationship with each other, it will affect the effect of UV drying.

At present, there are many UV ink suppliers on the market, and the quality is different, and the drying speed and curing degree of different color inks from the same manufacturer are also different. The phenomenon that the ink does not dry due to the ink itself often occurs (especially black ink), and such problems occasionally occur with the printers in China.


②Print with UV curing device.

The UV lamp tube is aging, the output power cannot reach the design power, and the energy is not enough.

Excessive dust in the UV device affects the output power of the UV light source.

The output power of the UV device is small, which cannot meet the requirements of ink curing.


③Printing on materials. The surface tension of printing materials, especially film materials, is the main reason that affects the firmness of the ink, so the surface tension must be checked before printing.


In order to ensure the quality of UV printing, the following items should be noted:


①Improve the level of the operator, adjust the equipment correctly, and make the best use of the UV curing device.


②Choose the best, high-quality ink that matches the printing material.


③It is required that the film material be treated with on-line corona treatment on the labeling machine, so that the surface tension can reach more than 40dyn/cm.


④Adjust the UV device, replace the reflector of the lamp tube in time, and clean and maintain it regularly.


⑤Test the drying capacity of the UV device and adjust the power to match the curing degree of the printed matter.


Feel free to contact us to learn more about the service of custom printing China.

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